Annual Team Kick-off December 4, 2014

Our now traditional team kick-off took place the 4th of December. Daniel hosted the kick-off this year and we were 9 people attending during different parts of the day. In the morning session Daniel, Malin, Ulrica, Elina, Åke, Hanna and Jonas described our current positions and aspirations in relation to sustainability and research. Discussion spanned from what is our underlying driving forces to issues with the doctoral student situation. Next the team discussed possible venues for publication and grant application. Some of the possible conference venues mentioned were; Nordes (deadline Jan 7, 2015) and ICT4S2015 (deadline March 15, 2015). The team also wanted to find a suitable conference in Europe where we could present work relating to behavior, energy and sustainability and one possibility is the ECEEE (European Council of Energy Efficient Economy) summer study. Journals were also discussed, and a long list of possible journals were generated (of course all with high impact factor).

Team kick off around the kitchen table
Team kick off around the kitchen table

After lunch Jonas left the group and Cecilia joined. The 5-year vision were scrutinized and we also went through our goals for 2014 and formulated new goals for 2015. We have reached several of the quite extensive goals of 2014. 2015 we raise our targets even more! Here are just some of our numerous goals:

  • Formulate at least 5 master theses proposals
  • Write more than 12 text, preferably in new author constellations
  • Have a internal review process before submissions
  • Our research should be presented or mentioned in 5 popular science texts
  • Write at least one international and one national research application with partners outside of MID
2014-12-04 14.58.38
ICT enabled practice, all notes were taken immediately on several computers in a shared online document.

After a short walk in the grey and misty weather, we continued with our last session where we aimed at doing something concrete. We started discussing possible collaborations around papers that we could send to ICT4S 2015. This is also the session when our last team member joined the event, Ambjörn, who also stayed to discuss a possible paper to the conference Critical Computing with a deadline February 15, 2015.



PS. Daniel also wrote up an account of the kick-off on his academic blog.

Team meeting, 2 June, 2014

Monday the 2nd of June, we had our regular team lunch; there was a small group present, Henrik, Malin, Åke, Björn, and Elina.

Mainly two things were discussed. Firstly, we discussed the possibility to propose a track within a master program in Human-Computer Interaction and Media technology. The idea is that the courses within the track should be more connected to our team and the research we are doing. The deadline for proposing a track is the 1 of September, so our first team meeting after summer vacation (18th of August) will be dedicated to this issue.

Secondly, we discussed a paper:

Knowles B, Blair L, Hazas M, Walker S. Exploring sustainability research in computing: where we are and where we go next. In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing (UbiComp 2013). New York: ACM. 2013. p. 305-314.

The joint conclusion of this discussion was that the paper is interesting, albeit dense. The paper describes a literature review of over 220 papers, and it covers both the field of HCI/ubiquitous computing and sustainable computing in general. The authors identifies ten questions that these papers cover, and show what field cover what kind of questions. Furthermore, the paper also discusses the triple bottom line definition of sustainability and proposes a ”quadruple bottom line” model of sustainability to be used within sustainable HCI research.

Next meeting will be the last before summer vacation. There will be strawberries.


Team meeting, 5 May, 2004

On May 5, we had one of our regular team meetings. Elina, Björn, Hannes, Cristi, Ulrika, Cecilia, Åke, Hanna, Henrik, Malin and Teo joined this time. The first thing we discussed was the CHI conference in Toronto, from which Elina and a few others recently came back. The conference was both interesting and relevant for our team, and we will continue to discuss how we can take advantage of new ideas and impressions. There were a few fellow researchers who were interested in visiting us, the first will be Xinning ”Sunny” Gui, who will be visiting us this coming fall. She will be sitting in the CESC corridor.

The next point for discussion was the submissions for the conference ICT4S in Stockholm in August. We are happy to announce that 6 papers from our team were accepted!

Next, Björn informed us about possible changes in the master programs, which could mean more opportunities for us to combine research related projects with teaching about sustainability in the media technology education.

Teo reminded us about some new PhD positions related the new doctoral program, which is a collaboration between KTH and the University College  of Arts, Craft and Design. He also mentioned the Green leap event next Friday. Cecilia informed us about the Energy authority’s opening of the EID (Energi IT & Design) call, with a deadline in September. And finally Hannes welcomed us all to his thesis defense on May 22.

/Malin & Elina

130424 Team meeting


Our team meeting this week was attended by Daniel, Åke, Hannes, Cristi and Anders. We also had two guest from the mighty AP (pension) funds – bossing around 900 000 000 000 SEK of our money. Our guests (Christina and Christina) were both part of the pension funds’ ethical council. Beyond issues such as corruption and child labor, ecological (and social) sustainability also falls under their umbrella.

Our guests didn’t have the opportunity to talk for long before they were interrupted by questions but it was a very interesting meeting. This was a way for our group to get to know them and vice versa. We will think some about how to proceed, perhaps we can invite them back for a talk at CESC or for a guest lecture after the summer in the DM2573 Media Technology and Sustainability course?


Our next meeting will be held two weeks from now, on Tuesday May 7 in seminar room 1625. The topic of our next meeting will be to discuss and hopefully also generate/brainstorm some ideas (proposals) for sustainability-related thesis topics that we would like our students to work on.


130409 Team meeting


We were only five persons at yesterday’s team meeting; Daniel, Åke, Malin, Teo and Elina.


We didn’t have a strict agenda for the meeting but rather for the most part just discussed current projects and activities in our lives (sometimes sustainability-related and sometimes less so).

We were supposed to also discuss/brainstorm about bachelor’s/master’s thesis proposals (to be published on this blog), but never really came around to it and so we postponed it. At our next meeting (April 23 between 12-13 in seminar room 1625) we will have to external guests who will come to visit us so brainstorming of thesis proposals will have to wait until the meeting after that (slated for May 7).