Smart Sustainable After Work – Resource Man

MID4S (through Elina) and CESC and FMS (through Josefin Wangel) are inviting you all to participate in the first Smart Sustainable After Work seminar. We hope this will be a recurring series of critical discussions on smart technology over a cold beverage!


Welcome to Smart Sustainable After Work!

The idea of a Smart Sustainable After Work originated from the wish to bring together people working on smart sustainable solutions, to share experiences and perspectives, and to create a forum for a critical discourse on smart everything agendas. We understand smart as being a synonym to ICT-enabled, and sustainable as the intended contribution of such solutions.

Resource Man

The theme of this first Smart Sustainable After Work is “Resource Man”; what is the archetype that smart energy solutions are designed for? What can we say about ideators’, designers’ and developers’ underlying assumptions by looking at the products being designed? Could it be otherwise, and what would that archetype be?

As a preparation participants could read the following paper: Strengers, Y. (2014). Smart energy in everyday life: are you designing for resource man? interactions 21(4): 24-31.

Very welcome!
Elina Eriksson & Josefin Wangel


Drinks and snacks: At the seminar there will be beverages (with and without alcohol) and snacks available. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided by CESC. Alcoholic beverages will be at your own expense so please bring cash.
When: Monday December 15th 17.30-19
Where: CESC – Centre for Sustainable Communications, Lindstedtsvägen 5, 4th floor. For wheelchair users this location is a bit difficult to get to, but there is a way in without stairs. If you need directions, please let us know.
Sign up: Please let us know that you are coming through signing up here:
Contact: Elina Eriksson ( and Josefin Wangel (

Smart Sustainable After Work is organized by CESC – Centre for Sustainable Communication, MID4S – Media Technology and Interaction Design for Sustainability and fms – the Division of Environmental Strategies Research, all at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.