Team meeting, 5 May, 2004

On May 5, we had one of our regular team meetings. Elina, Björn, Hannes, Cristi, Ulrika, Cecilia, Åke, Hanna, Henrik, Malin and Teo joined this time. The first thing we discussed was the CHI conference in Toronto, from which Elina and a few others recently came back. The conference was both interesting and relevant for our team, and we will continue to discuss how we can take advantage of new ideas and impressions. There were a few fellow researchers who were interested in visiting us, the first will be Xinning ”Sunny” Gui, who will be visiting us this coming fall. She will be sitting in the CESC corridor.

The next point for discussion was the submissions for the conference ICT4S in Stockholm in August. We are happy to announce that 6 papers from our team were accepted!

Next, Björn informed us about possible changes in the master programs, which could mean more opportunities for us to combine research related projects with teaching about sustainability in the media technology education.

Teo reminded us about some new PhD positions related the new doctoral program, which is a collaboration between KTH and the University College  of Arts, Craft and Design. He also mentioned the Green leap event next Friday. Cecilia informed us about the Energy authority’s opening of the EID (Energi IT & Design) call, with a deadline in September. And finally Hannes welcomed us all to his thesis defense on May 22.

/Malin & Elina

Paper: HCI in a world of limitations


Daniel, Åke and Elina have written a text (”position paper”) to a CHI 2013 conference workshop on ”Post-Sustainability”.

We will present it 10 days from now in Paris!

I (Daniel) wrote a slightly longer blog post about the workshop and the paper on my blog some time ago.


”HCI in a world of limitations: Adressing the social resilience of computing

Most computer scientist and practitioners assume that we live in a world of possibilities and that inexorable forces of technological development will help bring us a future of increased wellbeing and of growing economic prosperity. An increasing number of scientists however point at the triple crisis (ecology, economy, energy) and imagine radically different futures based not on expansion and possibilities, but on limitations and/or decline. We propose that a broad program should be formulated that takes biophysical and economic limitations as its starting point and outline some areas that paramount for HCI to come to grips with.”


130312 Team meeting

Today’s meeting was to a high extent an information meeting:

– Malin told us about her impressions after having visited University of Illinois
– We have a tree! We should hang our accepted/published papers that are related to the sustainability team in the tree! We should paint it green too! There is a paper in the tree already (the CHI paper below).
– A short discussion about how we will invite team guests (to our team meeting, to the ”higher” seminars)? The questions was raised because we have a person who wants to visit it (more about that at a later point).
– We need to write a short text about our team for the web!
– We (Jorge, Daniel, Hannes, Elina) are writing a position paper to a workshop (”End-User Development for Supporting Sustainability in Maker Communities”) at the Fourth International Symposium on End-User Development.
– There is an upcoming conference about ”The Third IFIP Conference on Sustainable Internet and ICT for Sustainability” (deadline for papers is April 15) – will anyone write something and/or go there?
– There is an upcoming (Swedish national conference) on developing the engineering educations (cfp (pdf)). Deadline for abstracts is May 31. Daniel and Elina might write something

During the final 15 minutes we discussed Daniel, Åke and Elina’s CHI Post-Sustainability workshop position paper, ”HCI in a world of limiations: Adressing the social resilience of computing”.

Our next meeting will be held in 1625 on Tue March 26. The planned topic for the meeting is (2nd attempt) the team blog. We’ll see if WordPress is more cooperative than last time…

130226 Team meeting

We had our team meeting today (Daniel, Elina, Hannes, Anders, Ambjörn, Teo, Åke) and the topic was supposed to be this blog – but WordPress didn’t cooperate and so we had to postpone that particular topic to a later meeting 😦

Instead we talked about the ICT4S conference as well as several other things. 

For our next meeting (Tuesday March 12 at 12-13 in seminar room 1625), we will discuss  Daniel, Åke and Elina’s CHI ”Post-Sustainability” Worskshop position paper ”HCI in a world of limitations: Adressing the social resilience of computing”. 

I will also disseminate two more position papers that have been accepted to the same conference; One is written by our KTH/CESC colleagues Sara Ilstedt, Josefin Wangel, Mattias Höjer and Olof Bendt (”Prototyping futures”) and another is written by SU/DSV employees Chiara Rossitto and Teresa Cerratto-Pargman (”Sustainability in education: Challenges and open issues”. (Yes, Tessy is my wife.)

Everyone is welcome to read all three position papers but (only) the first paper will be ”required reading” for the team meeting. As an aside, our position paper was conceived at the team kick-off before Christmas so it is one of the first concrete ”spin-offs” from our group…


CHI Post-sustainability workshop

Three members of our team, Daniel, Åke and Elina, have written a position paper to a workshop on ”Post-sustainability” at the upcoming (April/May) huge CHI conference in Paris.

We just found out our paper was accepted and we all look forward to presenting it and participating in the workshop!

Our position paper is called ”HCI in a world of limitations: Addressing the social resilience of computing”.

Our colleagues in the KTH environmental strategies group also got their position paper to the same workshop accepted.