Team meeting May 19, 2014

Today, we had one of our regular lunch team meetings. Hanna, Cristi, Henrik, Åke, Cecilia, Elina and Malin participated. We did not have any set agenda today, but we talked rather freely about things that are happening and what we are currently focusing on.

Cecilia has gotten a workshop proposal for ICT4S accepted; A Social Practice Perspective on the Smart Grid. Elina, Daniel and Cecilia are also part of discussions on how to develop the research area of sustainable HCI, both at the ICT4S conference and the NordiCHI conference. We also discussed two calls coming up in September, one for full papers for CHI and one call for research grants on Energy, IT and Design at Energimyndigheten.

Last Friday, Green leap had an event which Hanna, Malin and Elina attended. The event focused on Design and Sustainability. Perhaps the most interesting part was to listen to Staffan Laestadius, author of the book Klimatet och välfärden. But it was also interesting to hear more about the new project Life 2053 with future scenarios and impacts on sustainable living. Cesc-researcher Josefine Wangel presented this project extensively at the Green leap event.

Last but not the least, our team was responsible for the MID monday breakfast, and of course we had to spread the good energy of our group:

MID4S freshly baked bread.
MID4S freshly baked bread.

The next lunch meeting is in two weeks. See you then!

//Malin and Elina