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Klimatförnekare i DN idag?

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DN publicerar idag en debattartikel som vill lugna massorna som blivit upprörda över att Världsbanken diskuterar ett 4-graders scenario. Jag har svårt att se ett annat budskap i artikeln än det vanliga bland klimatförnekare; det är alls inte säkert att de tecken vi ser idag är början på en klimatförändring, och att det inte finns någon anledning till radikala förändringar.
Tråkigt att ge utrymme för den typen av åsikter, jag tror inte det är det vi behöver just nu. Hoppas att någon skriver ett bra svar! (och att det blir publicerat…)

Nåt jag alltid finner lustigt med klimatförnekarna är just det där att eftersom man inte anser att det är 100% säkert finns det ingen anledning att agera.
På andra områden råder inte samma logik. Anta att man hade observerat att tex Iran började bygga fler missiler och nukleära anläggningar;
”Vi kan fortfarande inte helt utesluta att Irans aktiviteter bara är för vetenskapliga syften, och bör därför avvakta med att förbereda vår försvarsmakt.”
Skulle inte tro det…

CESC Retreat

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Last week a couple of team members, Daniel, Hannes, Jorge, Malin, Teo and Elina attended the CESC annual retreat. CESC is a VINNOVA Excellence Centre, a kind of research hub, connecting researchers, the private and public sector. It is funded by VINNOVA with possible grants until 2017. Some of the team members are in different ways connected to CESC, doing research, soon doing research or member of the management team.

This year the retreat were held at Såstaholm, north of Stockholm. The first evening there were three different project presentations followed by a short mingel session and dinner. The second day, two of the overarching projects organized workshops as well as a somewhat unorthodox exploration of what CESC is with guests from Stockholms Improvisationsteater. The latter leading to some shortage of breath of the audience due to extended laughter.

All in all, it was a nice retreat, and a good opportunity to talk to other researchers or partners within the industry or public sector.


Jan 15 team meeting

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We had our first team meeting of the term this past Tuesday. Present at the meeting were: Daniel, Elina, Teo, Åke, Mattias and Ambjörn.

NOTE: We have moved our team meetings to the Tuesday lunch (12-13) slot this term!

I had announced that the topic for this meeting was to discuss expectations and fears for the spring term:
– What do you hope/want the team to do for you during the spring?
– What do you fear?
– What can you contribute with?

We were also to have a look at the protocol (Google document) from the mid-December team kick-off and see if there was anything there that we needed to follow up.

I’m not sure we followed the agenda above, it more turned into a ”what have we done during the last month”-session.

We did however decide on the topic for the following two meetings:
– For next meeting we will play the board game ”Carbonopoly”. Since that will take longer than an hour, we decided to skip the Tuesday Jan 29 lunch slot and instead have a Wednesday Jan 30 afternoon (15.30) game session (perhaps with some snacks and something to drink)?
– For the following team meeting (Tue Feb 12) the theme will be this blog! We’ll hook up a projector and have a hands-on session about how to go about to post to this blog as well as a walk-through of other nifty WordPress functions.

On this blog’s functions

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This blog is written by and (at least initially) also for the sustainability team at the Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID), School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

We decided to start the blog at our kick-off meeting on Dec 18, 2012. Blog posts here are supposed to be short and these are some of the things we imagine the blog will be used for:

   – Short presentations of team members
   – I read a good/interesting book/article, here are my thoughts
   – Take a look at this upcoming seminar/workshop/Ph.D. course/conference/call for research grant applications
– I’ve been to this interesting seminar/workshop/conference, here are my thoughts
   – I handed in a research grant application
   – I got funded!
   – I’ve formulated a new master’s thesis proposal
   – I’ve been the advisor of a bachelor’s/master’s thesis
   – A short presentation of the upcoming team meeting external guest
   – Here’s what we did at our latest team meeting!

I’ve written a longer blog post about our kick-off meeting on my personal academic blog – read more here!

Daniel Pargman, team leader


MID Sustainability team kick-off

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As a last thing before X-mas, MID-S started the team activities by starting this blog. Here is Daniel’s blog post about the December 18 team kick-off.

Stay tuned for post about next year’s activities!
Daniel, Elina, Teo, Hannes, Cristi, Anders, Katarina, Åke, and Malin