Visit to Lund – IRL!

The 25th of September, I (Elina) visited Lund, and gave a breakfast seminar with the title: Playing it safe – working through future transitions in the past. My host was Johannes Stripple, and his colleagues, (working in for example the research projects Climaginaries or Forest Visions).

The breakfast seminar was a hybrid seminar, with some participants joining through zoom, and to my happiness, some joining live in the room! This I probably the most people I have met live since 12 of March when I started working from home because of the Corona-pandemic. And I was ecstatic! Here’s a picture of the set-up:

Look real people! All happy faces!

I also have a screen behind me that is projecting the slides for the participants in the room – and I also share the slides on zoom for the zoom participants. I did not tap into the sound in the zoom room (except for a weird malfunction in the beginning) so I do not know how that experience was, but I do think it all went fairly well. The camera on the screen at the far end of the picture zoomed automatically to where it heard a voice. Magic.

The teaser for my talk was : Elina will be presenting research on and with speculative design strategies in both ongoing and past projects. She will touch upon fictional abstracts and energy fictions as well as presenting upcoming work with the novel futuring techniques of pastcasting and recasting in a research project on energy transitions. In the presentation I touched upon Fictional Abstracts (used at a workshop at NordiCHI’18 and resulting in a paper in Futures), Vitiden (an energy fiction) and work on counterfactuals (like the Coalworld scenario) and past-facing futuring techniques in the research project Event Horizon.

After the seminar we spent a few hours talking about future applications together, and in the afternoon I took the train home. Overall a really nice trip, and I am thankful for being invited. Now, I have lots of new ideas and perspectives to mull over.

Team meeting 9 November 2015

We have been lousy at publishing posts regarding our team meetings. We’ll try to make amends.

Today we had a team meeting with guests, two master students: Anton and Sara. Regular team members present were Daniel, Malin, Hanna, Elina, Åke and Cecilia.

The first half of the team meeting was given to Anton, who pitched a master thesis idea he is working on regarding resilience and the networked society. The ideas were at an early stage and he wanted to have ideas and input for formulating the idea and delimitate the project.

Second half was given to information. Here are some bullet points:

  • Miriam Börjesson Rivera is presenting her licentiate thesis on Wednesday 11 November at 14:15 in D2. Her title is: Practice makes perfect? Sustainable practices with ICT and daily travel 
  • There is an after work the 19th of November at KTH Entré in relation to the Whole Earth exhibition, Stormvarning is arranging the afterwork. Info and registration.
  • Our students from the Sustainability and Media Technology course have had two lunch seminars, the next one is planned for the 20th of November. If you want to attend please tell us!
  • There will a be large global climate action event before the COP21 meeting on Sunday 29th of November. In Stocholm the event will start at 13:00 and Elina for one will be there. Hope to see more of you! More info on that.
  • We will have a team kick-on in November/December, anyone who is interested in the team and to see how Elina lives are welcome to Tumba. A mail with a doodle will be sent out shortly.
  • At the next meeting we will discuss a paper handed out on paper (sic!) by Daniel. Contact him if you haven’t got it.



Team meeting 31 August 2015

The first team meeting for the new academic year! A few of us were present, despite the start of many courses, present were: Hanna, Åke, Cristi, Daniel, Malin and Elina.

Despite not having a set agenda, we managed to cover a wide set of topics, for example the Rockström ”sommarprat”, which is possible to still listen to in Swedish or English.

Elina had walked in a pilgrimage that is heading for the COP21 (climate summit) in Paris in December. If you want, you can also take part in a relay run to Paris in ”Run for your life”.

Coming up soon is the ICT4S 2015 conference, co-organized with the EnviroInfo 2015 conference in Copenhagen 7-9 sept 2015. Soon there is also a CHI deadline for full papers, keep the good work up those of you who are writing.

Our course DM2573 Sustainability and Media Technology starts today.

Just a reminder, Daniel and me attended the LIMITS’2015 workshop in June and the workshop papers has been published as a special issue in First Monday. Please read the interesting papers!

I’m excited for this new academic year, welcome back!


Team meeting 150330

Daniel, Elina, Malin, Hanna, Henrik, Mia

Guests: Tessy Cerratto Pargman, Somya Joshi – Stockholm University (DSV)

More guests: Maria Normark, Madeleine Bonow (Södertörn University (Human geography, Media technology)

Even more guests: Airi Lampinen (Stockholm University/Mobile Life)


At our team meeting earlier today we had invited guests from two different Stockholm-based universities that presented themselves as well as their ICT+sustainability-related research to the MID4S group. We also had an impromptu external guest from Mobile Life; Airi who has a borderline interest in sustainability because of her interest in collaborative consumption and the sharing economy.

Tessy and Somya (from SU) presented a project of theirs about the Fairphone. They have submitted a short paper (4 pages) to the Critical Alternatives conference and are right now finishing up a longer paper that they plan to submit to the upcoming ICT4S conference. There are a multitude of interesting themes connected to their study and we had many follow up questions. We hope the papers get accepted so that we can read them.

Maria and Madeleine (Södertörn) talked about their project ”sustainable communities through digital design” that newly have got a grant from the Baltic Sea Foundation. Their aim is to look at people who have already changed their lifestyles  in a sustainable direction and their daily struggles. Instead of trying to convince people who are not yet on the bandwagon. Example of these are Guerrilla gardners and urban farmers, and the hypothesis is that digital arenas are important for these movements.

Both presentations were tremendously interesting and we hope to have the possibility to meet more in the future.


//Daniel (&Elina)

Annual Team Kick-off December 4, 2014

Our now traditional team kick-off took place the 4th of December. Daniel hosted the kick-off this year and we were 9 people attending during different parts of the day. In the morning session Daniel, Malin, Ulrica, Elina, Åke, Hanna and Jonas described our current positions and aspirations in relation to sustainability and research. Discussion spanned from what is our underlying driving forces to issues with the doctoral student situation. Next the team discussed possible venues for publication and grant application. Some of the possible conference venues mentioned were; Nordes (deadline Jan 7, 2015) and ICT4S2015 (deadline March 15, 2015). The team also wanted to find a suitable conference in Europe where we could present work relating to behavior, energy and sustainability and one possibility is the ECEEE (European Council of Energy Efficient Economy) summer study. Journals were also discussed, and a long list of possible journals were generated (of course all with high impact factor).

Team kick off around the kitchen table
Team kick off around the kitchen table

After lunch Jonas left the group and Cecilia joined. The 5-year vision were scrutinized and we also went through our goals for 2014 and formulated new goals for 2015. We have reached several of the quite extensive goals of 2014. 2015 we raise our targets even more! Here are just some of our numerous goals:

  • Formulate at least 5 master theses proposals
  • Write more than 12 text, preferably in new author constellations
  • Have a internal review process before submissions
  • Our research should be presented or mentioned in 5 popular science texts
  • Write at least one international and one national research application with partners outside of MID

2014-12-04 14.58.38
ICT enabled practice, all notes were taken immediately on several computers in a shared online document.

After a short walk in the grey and misty weather, we continued with our last session where we aimed at doing something concrete. We started discussing possible collaborations around papers that we could send to ICT4S 2015. This is also the session when our last team member joined the event, Ambjörn, who also stayed to discuss a possible paper to the conference Critical Computing with a deadline February 15, 2015.



PS. Daniel also wrote up an account of the kick-off on his academic blog.

Team meeting, 22 September, 2014

Monday 22 September we had one of our regular team meetings. The main topic of the day was to discuss what we have done the past year, as well as discussing what we want to do. Daniel, Elina, Cristi, Hanna, Björn, Malin, Henrik, Åke and Jorge participated.

We have succeeded in doing a lot of the things we set out as our goals for 2014. Some of these things were: to have academic discussions, be represented in the KTH-S, make more people write on the blog, write articles, applications and popular articles, put the team meetings in the MID-calendar, and make sure more people come to our team meetings. Good job there!

What is left to work some more on this current year is: to work on a common model when it comes to our thoughts around sustainability, to formulate a plan of attack for the team’s finances, to formulate Master Theses subjects, and review articles internally before they are sent in.

At the next meeting, we will talk more about suggestions for subjects for Master Theses. The following meeting we will read all the articles written by team members that were accepted to the ICT4S conference, and discuss the texts.

The deadline for submitting articles for the next ICT4S conference in Copenhagen is on March 15th. So we can make it a goal to submit articles there!

Finally, we decided that the team will not participate in the Media technology students’ industry related day/fair on October 9.

Malin & Elina

Team meeting, September 15, 2014

We had one of our regular team meetings on September 15. Jonas Forsslund, Malin, Elina, Cecilia, Björn, Hanna and Daniel were attending.

The main topic for the meeting was the planned master track “Sustainable information society” which was outlined and discussed. No major changes were suggested, so the description was to be sent in later the same day.

Next, Daniel presented the idea of Hoffice, which in short is a way to sit together and work, preferably in someone’s home, in order to encourage good work morale. We also hosted an unofficial workshop at ICT4S that used the Hoffice-methodology. It is an especially good methodology to get things done. Daniel suggested that we should have a “Hoffice week” in his eco-village outside of Flen at the end of November. Anyone who is interested in joining should contact Daniel.

The next meeting is on Monday, Sept 22, when Jorge is in town so he can join us.

Malin and Elina

Summer celebration and team meeting

This Monday, the 9th of June, we had our last team meeting before the summer holidays. Since it was my last team meeting as team leader (Daniel is returning in August) I wanted to celebrate a successful spring. Hence, strawberries and champagne!

There were cherries as well! (Photo: Josefin Wangel)
There were cherries as well! (Photo: Josefin Wangel)

There were quite many team members who could not attend, so in order to not become too tipsy, I invited some more people. And since the meeting was slightly extended, all was not present at the same time. But, in order of appearance: Åke, Elina, Björn, Teo, Miriam (CESC:er), Helena and Anders (prospective team members), Josefin (CESC:er), Ann (boss) and Greger (CESC:er).

At the meeting proper, we read through the so far sketchy team vision, and shortly discussed it. Some comments were to include concrete number of things, as well as reverse the order, so that the concrete goals leads up to the overarching vision. We also discussed the upcoming application for a sustainability track within the master’s programme, and you should save the date; the 18th of August, when we will discuss the track more extensively. We did also briefly read through the 2014 goals for the team, and were able to see that we have already fulfilled many of them! Of course we also talked about the workshops at ICT4S and NordCHI’14!
We did also paint our paper tree, so it will be ready in the autumn to hang our published papers in style!

It looks really good at some distance, and will look gorgeous covered in articles with red ribbons. (Photo: Josefin Wangel)
It looks really good at some distance, and will look gorgeous covered in articles with red ribbons. (Photo: Josefin Wangel)

Great work everyone and thanks!

Have a nice summer!


Team meeting, 2 June, 2014

Monday the 2nd of June, we had our regular team lunch; there was a small group present, Henrik, Malin, Åke, Björn, and Elina.

Mainly two things were discussed. Firstly, we discussed the possibility to propose a track within a master program in Human-Computer Interaction and Media technology. The idea is that the courses within the track should be more connected to our team and the research we are doing. The deadline for proposing a track is the 1 of September, so our first team meeting after summer vacation (18th of August) will be dedicated to this issue.

Secondly, we discussed a paper:

Knowles B, Blair L, Hazas M, Walker S. Exploring sustainability research in computing: where we are and where we go next. In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing (UbiComp 2013). New York: ACM. 2013. p. 305-314.

The joint conclusion of this discussion was that the paper is interesting, albeit dense. The paper describes a literature review of over 220 papers, and it covers both the field of HCI/ubiquitous computing and sustainable computing in general. The authors identifies ten questions that these papers cover, and show what field cover what kind of questions. Furthermore, the paper also discusses the triple bottom line definition of sustainability and proposes a ”quadruple bottom line” model of sustainability to be used within sustainable HCI research.

Next meeting will be the last before summer vacation. There will be strawberries.


Team meeting May 19, 2014

Today, we had one of our regular lunch team meetings. Hanna, Cristi, Henrik, Åke, Cecilia, Elina and Malin participated. We did not have any set agenda today, but we talked rather freely about things that are happening and what we are currently focusing on.

Cecilia has gotten a workshop proposal for ICT4S accepted; A Social Practice Perspective on the Smart Grid. Elina, Daniel and Cecilia are also part of discussions on how to develop the research area of sustainable HCI, both at the ICT4S conference and the NordiCHI conference. We also discussed two calls coming up in September, one for full papers for CHI and one call for research grants on Energy, IT and Design at Energimyndigheten.

Last Friday, Green leap had an event which Hanna, Malin and Elina attended. The event focused on Design and Sustainability. Perhaps the most interesting part was to listen to Staffan Laestadius, author of the book Klimatet och välfärden. But it was also interesting to hear more about the new project Life 2053 with future scenarios and impacts on sustainable living. Cesc-researcher Josefine Wangel presented this project extensively at the Green leap event.

Last but not the least, our team was responsible for the MID monday breakfast, and of course we had to spread the good energy of our group:

MID4S freshly baked bread.
MID4S freshly baked bread.

The next lunch meeting is in two weeks. See you then!

//Malin and Elina