MID4S Master theses 2020

During spring 2020, a number of sustainability related master thesis projects have been supervised by MID4S members, here is a list of them! Links go to DiVA and the full text of the thesis.

Competition or Cooperation?: Using push notifications to increase user engagement in a gamified smartphone application for reducing personal CO2-emissions
Sebastian Blomqvist, in collaboration with Deedster, test how competitive gamification compares to collaborative gamification for lowering CO2-emissions, and the effect of push notifications on different kinds of users.
Supervisor: Björn Hedin

Value-Centric Behaviour Change with Data Visualisation: Case study for visualising data on grocery consumption to bring about value-centric purchasing patterns for retail supermarket consumers
Tarunika  Ravichandran, in collaboration with Consupedia, different kinds of visualisations were designed and tested to see if they could support users in making grocery purchases in line with their values.
Supervisor: Björn Hedin

Visualizing multidimensional data over time to affect behaviour change: A case study of visualizing grocery data for large-scale consumers
Jonatan Lindström, in collaboration with Consupedia, two different visualisation methods were implemented and evaluated with regards to how they can support large-scale food purchasers in reaching their sustainability goals.
Supervisor: Björn Hedin

Analysis of digital health solutions and the most significant challenges for rural areas
Marcel Roth, individually defined project, investigated the most significant challenges for digital health solutions in rural areas by developing a Digital Health Ecosystem and using that as a probe in expert interviews.
Supervisor: Miriam Börjesson Rivera

Applying the Behaviour Change Wheel to design and evaluate a food waste reducing prototype for workplace kitchens
Gustav Mattson, in collaboration with the MID4S research project ‘Smart storage solutions in the fridge of the future to reduce food waste”, creating a design prototype to reduce food waste and testing it at a workplace.
Supervisor: Miriam Börjesson Rivera

“Hey Google!”: Using home assistants to reduce food waste
Paul Listi, in collaboration with the MID4S research project ‘Smart storage solutions in the fridge of the future to reduce food waste”, designing and evaluating a voice-based notification system for households with the purpose of reducing food waste due to forgetting food items in the fridge.
Supervisor: Miriam Börjesson Rivera

Stop spreading the news!: How disinformation spreads on social media and what politicians are doing about it
Patric Hjort, individually defined project to investigate and assess policies on EU-level to mitigate desinformation and ‘fake news’ in social media.
Supervisor: Miriam Börjesson Rivera

Designing With Gamification in Behavior-Changing Applications Focused on Self-Transcendence Values
Marco Koivisto, in collaboration with CERO, creating a redesign of the CERO Challenge app for changing transport behaviour, with a focus on gamification with self-transcendance values.
Supervisor: Elina Eriksson

Evaluating User Engagement and Usability in an IT Sustainability Impact Assessment Tool: A Qualitative Study with IT Procurement Officers
David Nilsson, in collaboration TCO Development evaluating the IT Impact Assessment Tool with IT and giving design recommendations.
Supervisor: Elina Eriksson

Incorporating social features in an application through a user engagement-centered design
Diego Martin in collaboration with CERO, looking at a redesign of the CERO Challenge app for changing transport behaviour with a focus on social features.
Supervisor: Elina Eriksson

Animism and Anthropomorphism in Living Spaces – Designing for ‘Life’ in spatial interactions
Arjun Rajendran Menon, individually defined project to explore with design methodology how an ambient and anthropomorphic room could be designed to guide user behaviour.
Supervisor: Elina Eriksson

User-centered evaluation of the CERO simulation tool
Nahida Islam, in collaboration with CERO, evaluating and redesigning the CERO simulation tool used in the CERO process.
Supervisor: Elina Eriksson


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