Presentations of Advanced Projects

Today, (Friday!) 13th of December, the students in the DM2799 Advanced project course presented their projects. The presentations were held in the cathedral of science, the reactor hall R1, and the presentations were brilliant!

MID4S handed in many project proposal, and a whopping 10 projects got chosen by the students and where hence supervised by MID4S researchers. During the presentations, sustainability projects took all the presentations slots in one of the two sessions in parallel, and one in the other session. Below is a short summary of the different projects that I (Elina) listened to.

Not Flightminder

The project group has developed an interface for a very small user group, that is four researchers in the FLIGHT project, so that these researchers can explore data about the flying by academics in KTH.

Homo Colossus

This project has explored and user tested a augmented reality app for presenting how BIG we would be, if we had actually eaten all the energy we use in our everyday life. The user tests showed that users thought the concept was interesting and provoking, but that they also wanted to see their own size.

An average Swede, if eating the energy we use, would be 12 meters tall!

CERO Challenge

This project was based on an already existed app, developed by the company CERO, where the users can challenge each other to change their commuting habits. The project group made a total redesign

Carbon budgets for municipalities

The project group has worked with carbon budgets and made an interface that displays the cumulative and time dependent aspects of carbon budgets. The interface makes it abundantly clear that we have to cut our carbon emission fast.


Based on a already existing system, the project group did a redesign and user tests of a new prototype. The group had focused the app to work with one habit, or area at the time and guide the user through levels of engagement.

Human Powered Interaction

The student group has explored how one could make it more apparent what energy we use when we use the internet. In this project they made prototype for powering the sending of an email through use of human power, in this instance a crank. We learnt that it takes 1 minute 27 seconds to send a short audio hello!

Imagine to have to crank with one hand, in order to send a short message – it makes the energy tangible.


This project group have been working with the issue of food waste, and how to help people with behaviour change in relation to food waste through a physical device. They have focused on expiration date behaviour, through working with planning, data and cues.


Meat has enormous environmental impact but does not give us that much calories, and this project group have developed a prototype that can help others to explore these facts. They chose a medical metaphor for their design, in order to show how sick earth is, because of the meat consumption.

Earth is sick, it is an emergency, and this prototype shows the impact of meat on earth.

Make Hippo Hipp Again

The students in this project has made a redesign of an inventory system for food developed in one of MID4S’ kitchen related projects. They had used the personas from Målgruppsarenan in their design work.

In the other room there was also one MID4S related project, and Miriam gives a summary of it:

Sharing preference-based adjustments of online recipes

This group designed and developed a web-plugin (or similar solution) that recognises the ingredients on the recipe sites, and allows users to in a user-friendly and structured way suggest replacing one or more ingredients by other ingredients.

Overall, the research and designs that the students had done over a short period of time (one period of 7 weeks) was impressive, and thought provoking! Great work everyone!


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