Eventful Friday 29th of November

Updating the blog have been kind of low on our list of priorities, although some of us (cough cough Björn) could perhaps have mentioned a few projects starting. But here is a blog post of events taking place on the 29th of November that yours truly were part of.

The morning began with a breakfast seminar at Stockholm School of Economics, Reducing Academic Flying, were Daniel and I (Elina) presented our research project Decreased CO2-emissions in flight-intensive organisations: from data to practice. It was a diverse set of people in the audience, students and researchers, from among other places KTH, EECS, Stockholm university and Karolinska Institutet. Despite us saving half the time for questions, we could have easily spent more time discussing this topic. We were also invited to come back when we have come further in the project.

At the end of the seminar, when we throw the questions back to the audience. Foto by Cecilia Katzeff

In the afternoon, we hosted a Repairing and mending event in Middla, our division’s maker space, as a response to Black Friday (here’s an article in Landets Fria regarding the event). The event was originally inspired by a Facebook event called ”Mellandagslagning” and we had an open invitation to bring something that needed fixing, and then perhaps we could together, and with the tools at hand in Middla, figure out how to fix it. And it was a success, here are some of the things that got fixed: two pair of pants, a bag, a knitted sweater, socks, a trainer, two pairs of sandals, un umbrella and earphones. There were also some upcycling, where a soda can got turned into a Christmas decoration. Even those who couldn’t for some reason fix their thing (for example because there were something missing), enjoyed it anyway, because they had started to fix it. There was also a consensus that it was enjoyable to hang around talking while fixing things, and that we will do it again in the spring. A warm thank you to Judith and Jonathan that fixed the event with me and to everyone that showed up! Hope to see you there next time!

Some things getting fixed or upcycled. Or someone that mended something forward! Foto: Elina


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