ICT4S2019 and LIMITS 2019 – some short reflections

Several of the MID4S team members attended the ICT4S 2019 conference (and related workshops) in Lappeenranta 10-15 June 2019. Below are some very short reflections, please talk to us if you want to have any further elaborations.

Lappeenranta is situated by the shore of the lake Saima. Hard to imagine a city with 100 000+ inhabitants just behind the my back. (Photo: Elina Eriksson)

The ICT4S 2019 conference was fairly small, around 60 attendees, but the general feeling was that the conference was engaging and fulfilling. The conference was sandwiched between workshops, which made the stay longer. Next ICT4S conference will be next year in Bristol!

Some top 5’s by Miriam, Elina and Daniel:

Miriam’s Top 5:

  • Meeting up with all the people that make up the LIMITS/ICT4S community; an overall great crowd and great conversations.
  • The overall feeling that there is so much relevant and exciting research going on!
  • The keynote presentation by Mara Balestrini, which was very inspiring and super interesting.
  • Sauna by the lake (because when in Finland).
  •  Learning how to neutralize an attacking dog (!)

Elina’s Top 5:

  • Hanging out with the community.
  • The LIMITS keynote presentation by David Abson.
  • The ICT4S keynote presentation by Mara Balestrini.
  • Sauna!
  • The default vegan food.

Daniel’s Top 5:

  • Networking and catching up with the other participants.
  • Getting updated on research in the presentations.
  • Getting new ideas for future papers and collaborations.
  •  Sliding into the conference by arriving in time for the social event.
  • Starting to plan the second ICT4S Summer School for 2020 together with Patricia Lago.

A particularly fun surprise was meeting two of our students who were student volunteers!

The keynote by David Abson on models and leverage points, as interpreted through Elina’s doodling.


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