Last CESC retreat

I attended the annual CESC 24-hour retreat last week, where CESC of course stands for the Center for Sustainable Communications. I not only work at CESC part time but I also physically sit at CESC all the time as of one year ago (together with MID4S members Elina Eriksson and Hanna Hasselqvist).

This was the fifth CESC retreat I have attended but it’s different from the previous retreats as it was also the very last. CESC is VINNOVA Centre of Excellence with financing for 10 years and those 10 years will come to a end in 2017. Much of the focus of the activities at the retreat were therefore on what we have accomplished in 10 years, how to wrap up CESC, how to manage its legacy and how the area of ICT, digitalization and sustainability can continue to develop also outside of and after CESC.

We still have the better part of a year to figure these things out and we all certainly hope that the overlap between ICT and sustainability will continue to thrive.



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