HCI and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Team leaders Elina Eriksson and Daniel Pargman (together with five other persons at other universities and at two companies) held a workshop at the 9th NordiCHI conference in Gothenburg on Monday October 24 about ”HCI and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Responsibilities, Barriers and Opportunities” .

Team members Cecilia Katzeff and Hanna Hasselqvist contributed to the workshop by attending it.

There were altogether 16 persons at the workshop and it was very successful. We have been offered to edit a special issue about this topic (to be published a year from now).

Read more about the workshop in a blog post on Daniel Pargman’s academic blog, and at InUse’s blog (where one of the co-organizers Johan Berndtsson is a co-founder).



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