Master thesis proposal – Evaluating Life2053

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Visions of the future is an important tool in the transition to a more sustainable society, however, many of the scenarios that has been developed in science are locked away in articles and books. One such example is the book “Bilder av framtidsstaden” where researchers have created scenarios for sustainable life in Stockholm in 2050. Based on this book, the interactive website ( have been developed as a kind of prototype of the future. This prototype have been deployed for a while, but not evaluated. All interaction with the website is logged.

In this thesis proposal we are imagining that a student would evaluate the prototype through analysing the logged data, as well as through user interviews and/or an “expert” evaluation of the prototype.

Possible questions that could be explored in this thesis are: is this a convincing prototype of the future? What is more appealing and what is less appealing? What choices seem to be most popular?

Contact elina(at) if you are interested in the master thesis proposal.



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