Make IT matter – student event at Spotify

On Friday the 20th of November, Elina and Daniel were invited to speak about IT and sustainability at a student event organized by Spotify. The theme of the weekend long event was “Make IT matter” and during the weekend you can follow the event on social media through the hashtag #MITM15.

Daniel and Elina waiting to get their time in the lime light.

All in all, there were some 40 students, who had just arrived at the Spotify headquarters in Stockholm on Friday evening, and who had been handpicked from a large group of applicants. During the following weekend they will through workshops with Spotify staff develop ideas that could help alleviating sustainability issues. We were honoured to kick the event off with what we hope was an inspiring and energizing talk, albeit on a partly difficult topic.

Daniel also wrote a blog post about the event on his personal blog.




Team meeting 9 November 2015

We have been lousy at publishing posts regarding our team meetings. We’ll try to make amends.

Today we had a team meeting with guests, two master students: Anton and Sara. Regular team members present were Daniel, Malin, Hanna, Elina, Åke and Cecilia.

The first half of the team meeting was given to Anton, who pitched a master thesis idea he is working on regarding resilience and the networked society. The ideas were at an early stage and he wanted to have ideas and input for formulating the idea and delimitate the project.

Second half was given to information. Here are some bullet points:

  • Miriam Börjesson Rivera is presenting her licentiate thesis on Wednesday 11 November at 14:15 in D2. Her title is: Practice makes perfect? Sustainable practices with ICT and daily travel 
  • There is an after work the 19th of November at KTH Entré in relation to the Whole Earth exhibition, Stormvarning is arranging the afterwork. Info and registration.
  • Our students from the Sustainability and Media Technology course have had two lunch seminars, the next one is planned for the 20th of November. If you want to attend please tell us!
  • There will a be large global climate action event before the COP21 meeting on Sunday 29th of November. In Stocholm the event will start at 13:00 and Elina for one will be there. Hope to see more of you! More info on that.
  • We will have a team kick-on in November/December, anyone who is interested in the team and to see how Elina lives are welcome to Tumba. A mail with a doodle will be sent out shortly.
  • At the next meeting we will discuss a paper handed out on paper (sic!) by Daniel. Contact him if you haven’t got it.