Team meeting 140413

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Present: Daniel, Elina, Ulrica, Åke, Hanna, Mattias.

The most important part of our agenda was to discuss our respective ”dream research projects”.

– Daniel and Elina presented the EU application we are currently writing about the sharing economy. This project could pass for our dream project in this context.

– Ulrica’s interest are focused on food, food choices and reflections around food. She is also interested in developing prototypes as well as studying these issues from a social practice perspective.

– Åke: Urbanism and transports. Patterns and economy.

– Hanna: Is happy about what she does but will need to find further financing before her ph.d. studies end. Energy and practices, beyond the individual household, for example in tenants’ associations.

– Mattias has several ”dream research projects”: Tie together futures studies and city planning; like the ”smart retro” project but on a bigger scale.  Develop the work that went in to a report he co-wrote about ”digitalisation and sustainable consumption”. Blue-sky thinking: to individualise responsibility among CEOs and board members.


– We should hang up our publications in our green team publication tree before the open house on Wednesday!

– Do we have any posters to showcase our work for the open house on Wednesday? Bring the CESC roll-up!



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