Team meeting 140427

Present at today’s team meeting: Daniel, Björn, Ulrica, Cecilia, Henrik and by Skype, Elina and Hanna.


1) Our publication tree

All your papers are belong to me! Bring all your papers – including pending papers – to a team meetings so that we can hang them up in our publication tree. The tree has moved as now stands in the corridor, in the alcove near Daniel’s room.

Björn suggested a great rule for what should hang in our tree. When we hang something in the tree, we should also write what month it is and then take it down one year later.

2) Elina’s paper

We discussed the paper that Elina has written together with Bran Knowles, ”Deviant and guilt-ridden: Computing within psychological limits”. The paper will be presented at a workshop this summer, the first workshop on Computing within Limits. Daniel is a co-orgainiser and will write a blog post on his personal blog about the workshop within a week.

Elina told us some about the background of the paper – how it came to be. The main topic of the paper is the tension between a professional and personal stance that we can experiences in our dual roles as researchers and citizens who do work on and are concerned about climate change and related challenges.

3) Hanna’s CHI experience

Hanna told us some about her trip to the CHI conference from which she came back only yesterday:

– It was nice that the title of the opening keynote was ”Design and Sustainability”. The keynote made some references to Rockström’s work on planetary boundaries but still resulted in relatively ”tame” examples of what we (CHI) can do to make the world a better place.


– Korean companies Samsung and LG demoed visions of high-tech futures that did not seem very sustainable nor even very logical (”does it scale?”).

– Hanna participated in this year’s Sustainable CHI Workshop. Her main take-home lesson was that it could be interesting to work with consultants in research projects; they are in an excellent position to disseminate ”your message” farther and further.

– Hanna also presented a few of the sustainability-related papers that were presented at the conference (food and waste, energy communities, disaster management). She will write a separate blog post with better references to papers of interest to us.

– Hanna also mentioned that Robert Brewer (Århus, Denmark) presented  how to work with practices and energy. They had created a framework that seemed to be both interesting and promising and this is of interest to several team members.



EU-grant proposal: SHARE IT

Two team members, Daniel and Elina, have just sent in a EU-grant proposal with sustainability motivations:

SHARE IT: Tools for sustaining not-for-profit grassroots sharing initiatives

The proposal was sent to the ”Collective Awareness for Sustainability and Social Innovations” (CAPS) call which is a part of  the 2014-2020 EU Horizon 2020 research program.

Three research partners have been active in writing the proposals; Lancaster University in the UK through mainly Adrian Friday (who is the coordinator of the project), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) (with Daniel and Elina from the CSC-school and Karin Bradley from the ABE-school) and Airi Lampinen from the think tank Demos Helsinki (Finland).

If you want to read more about the proposal you can take a look at Daniels blog. Keep your fingers crossed that we get accepted!


Team meeting 140413

Present: Daniel, Elina, Ulrica, Åke, Hanna, Mattias.

The most important part of our agenda was to discuss our respective ”dream research projects”.

– Daniel and Elina presented the EU application we are currently writing about the sharing economy. This project could pass for our dream project in this context.

– Ulrica’s interest are focused on food, food choices and reflections around food. She is also interested in developing prototypes as well as studying these issues from a social practice perspective.

– Åke: Urbanism and transports. Patterns and economy.

– Hanna: Is happy about what she does but will need to find further financing before her ph.d. studies end. Energy and practices, beyond the individual household, for example in tenants’ associations.

– Mattias has several ”dream research projects”: Tie together futures studies and city planning; like the ”smart retro” project but on a bigger scale.  Develop the work that went in to a report he co-wrote about ”digitalisation and sustainable consumption”. Blue-sky thinking: to individualise responsibility among CEOs and board members.


– We should hang up our publications in our green team publication tree before the open house on Wednesday!

– Do we have any posters to showcase our work for the open house on Wednesday? Bring the CESC roll-up!

Hanna Hasselqvist’s 30% seminar

Today our team-member Hanna had her 30% seminar (30% of a full doctoral education). We warmly congratulate her on a well presented seminar! And whoop her on to the next level! Go Hanna!

Social interactions and norms play a key role in shaping how we use energy. Nevertheless, research on technologies for sustainable energy use, as well as products on the market, has a strong focus on individual behaviours. In my projects I study social aspects of energy use for buildings and transportation. More specifically, I’m interested in collective energy actions in housing cooperatives (bostadsrättsföreningar) and norms and practicalities that support or hinder families in managing everyday life without owning a car. I will explore the role of design in maintaining and breaking norms related to energy practices in these contexts, as well as in facilitating social interactions as part of collective energy actions.