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Daniel, Elina, Malin, Hanna, Henrik, Mia

Guests: Tessy Cerratto Pargman, Somya Joshi – Stockholm University (DSV)

More guests: Maria Normark, Madeleine Bonow (Södertörn University (Human geography, Media technology)

Even more guests: Airi Lampinen (Stockholm University/Mobile Life)


At our team meeting earlier today we had invited guests from two different Stockholm-based universities that presented themselves as well as their ICT+sustainability-related research to the MID4S group. We also had an impromptu external guest from Mobile Life; Airi who has a borderline interest in sustainability because of her interest in collaborative consumption and the sharing economy.

Tessy and Somya (from SU) presented a project of theirs about the Fairphone. They have submitted a short paper (4 pages) to the Critical Alternatives conference and are right now finishing up a longer paper that they plan to submit to the upcoming ICT4S conference. There are a multitude of interesting themes connected to their study and we had many follow up questions. We hope the papers get accepted so that we can read them.

Maria and Madeleine (Södertörn) talked about their project ”sustainable communities through digital design” that newly have got a grant from the Baltic Sea Foundation. Their aim is to look at people who have already changed their lifestyles  in a sustainable direction and their daily struggles. Instead of trying to convince people who are not yet on the bandwagon. Example of these are Guerrilla gardners and urban farmers, and the hypothesis is that digital arenas are important for these movements.

Both presentations were tremendously interesting and we hope to have the possibility to meet more in the future.


//Daniel (&Elina)



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