Team meeting 150316

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The following persons showed up at today’s team meeting: Daniel, Elina, Hanna, Malin, Ulrica, Mia, Henrik and Björn.

As apart from most of our meetings, we did not have a set topic but rather a bunch of different topics.

– The deadline for submitting papers to the ICT4S has been extended two weeks so the new deadline is at the end of this month.

– Elina talked some about her new job, working part-time for KTH Sustainability Council. KTH Sustainability Education Day will be organised on May 12 this year. We also talked about other KTH-S-related activities.

– Open House April 15. Our group will present [something]. We would like to invite company representatives to come to a pre-open-house meeting and discuss our upcoming master’s education. What does industry want that we should take care.

– During the last 15 minutes we went around the table to discuss current projects.





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