Team meeting 150216

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Present at the meeting: Daniel, Åke, Malin, Hanna, Elina, Henrik and Cecilia.

We used the meeting to discuss the team goals for 2015. There were formulated at the kick-off in the beginning of December but we discussed, revised and established them at this team meeting. The MID4S team aims to, during 2015:

  • Have critical discussions about what sustainability is and try to utilise the results of such discussions into our own research.
  • Have academic discussions. Explanation: we should continue to sometimes read articles (about theories, methods, research directions, trends) and discuss them together at some of our team meetings.
  • Many team members should regularly write blog posts on this blog. We should together cover issues and events that are relevant to us and a quantitive goal is to write around 2 blog posts/per month on top of the notes from our team meetings. We should introduce a standing item in our meetings, ”what’s up” and allocate someone to write a blog post about it in advance, but, we should also encourage not only instrumental texts but also spontaneous reflections.
  • We should clarify what our team does so that external people can find us and understand what we do. One way is to look at the description on the official CSC webpage and (perhaps) revise it.
  • Formulate an action plan for the financing of the team today and tomorrow, especially in relation to the writing of research grant applications.
  • The team should be able to offer members as thesis advisors if there are (several) students who want to work with sustainability-related thesis topics. Students start to write their theses every autumn (master’s theses) and every spring (bachelor’s and master’s theses).
  • We should formulate at least five new proposals for sustaianbility-related thesis topics during the year to be published on this blog.
  • We should formulate at least three master’s thesis proposals for sustaianbility-related thesis topics during the year in cooperation with companies to be published on this blog. We need to at some point organise a workshop to produce thesis topics.
  • We should, as a team, write at least 12 sustainability-related texts (articles, research grant applications, position papers, workshop proposals etc.) – accepted or not. These texts should also be vehicles for new constellations of team members.
  • We want to institute processes of internal reviews of articles/applications before they are submitted.
  • We want to ourselves write or be mentioned in at least 5 popular science texts.
  • We want to write at least one international and one national research grant application with partner(s) outside of MID.
  • Our goal is to get at least one research grant application accepted during this year.
  • We will aim at becoming a natural hub for ICT4S research and activities in the Stockholm area.

This list represent the goals we want to attain as a team during 2015. We should also use it as a checklist, i.e. if a company representative visits us, we should take the opportunity to figure out if there are opportunities for formulating a thesis proposal in common.




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