CESC retreat 2015

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Last week a couple of team members attended the CESC annual retreat, which this year was held at Skogshem-Wijk, on Lidingö. The CESC retreat is an intensive 24 hour meeting (from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening) with researchers and partners of the centre. Here you can read about the 2014 and 2013 retreats.

Since there is an on-going process of defining the leading projects at CESC for the last stage of the centre, this was also the focus of the retreat. In the evening the first day, the different partners presented their view on the last stage, and wishes for topics, problems and projects that could be part of this stage. The second day was full of workshops around different themes, we were all brainstorming in different constellations on what kind of work packages we could have in the future projects. This was interrupted by a engaging talk by John Robinson from University of British Columbia. He talked about regenerative sustainability, the need for art and using landscapes for conveying complex climate issues, among other things. Daniel have blogged about the event in more detail here.

John Robinson, talking about regenerative sustainability.
John Robinson, talking about regenerative sustainability.

For those who did not know, CESC is a VINNOVA Excellence Centre, a kind of research hub, connecting researchers, the private and public sector. It is funded by VINNOVA with possible grants until 2017. Some of the team members are in different ways connected to CESC, doing research, or member of the management team. //Elina



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