Seminar about self-produced electricity

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This morning I went to a seminar on self-produced electricity organised by Sustainable innovation. The topic was so popular that they couldn’t use their own facilities but had to move the event to a conference center. Johan Ehrenberg, journalist and founder of the company Egen El, talked about the ongoing global “solar power revolution”. Up to now we haven’t seen so much of the revolution in Sweden, but with prices significantly lower than a few years ago Johan doesn’t see why this wouldn’t happen also here.

In a future when more people produce their own electricity it will be increasingly important for the big utility companies to get onboard. Interesting questions for such a future are who should pay for the electricity grid and how should we organise storage of electricity. Johan predicts that selling electricity will be easier; energy companies will simply trade the surplus electricity you produce for electricity you need from the grid the times of the day when the self-production is low. To increase the amount of solar power in Sweden it is not enough with people putting PVs on their own houses, there have to be “PV parks” as well. Some possibilities are to cover old garbage dumps with PV panels and and close nuclear power stations and use the land for PVs instead.





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