Team meeting 150119

Present at the meeting: Daniel, Ulrica, Mia, Teo, Elina, Cecilia, Hanna, Malin, Björn.

We spent most of the time discussing the ”Christmas Food Challenge” (see this blog for more info about it). About half the group had accepted the challenge and we discussed a variety of questions relating to food and sustainability in relation to the ”Foodprint” plug-in that was tested.

We also congratulated the team on gettings its master’s block, ”Sustainable Information Society” accepted and discussed some of the implications thereof. We have much to do before it starts one and a half years from now but we will at that time have students who will take courses for either 15 or 60 credits pertaining to sustainability and ICT.

We also discussed some of the team’s activities during the spring. One important milestone is the March 15 deadline for this year’s ICT4S conference (which will be held in Copenhangen in the beginning of September). We decided on a March 2 internal team deadline for papers to that conference. That will hopefully leave enough time for us to read and give constructive criticism on each others’ papers and rework and improve them further before the March 15 deadline. We will organise a half- or full-day ”writer’s workshop” immediately following the March 2 internal deadline but we did not have time to decide exactly which day that week.