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Today we had our first Smart Sustainable After Works, arranged by Josefin Wangel and Elina. We had 12 participant, from two different universities and several schools at KTH, so it was a heterogenous gathering. The focus of this first AW is the Resource Man and at least half the group had read following paper in before hand:

Strengers, Y. (2014). Smart energy in everyday life: are you designing for resource man? interactions 21(4): 24-31.

After a short presentation of ourselves and a short presentation of the paper the discussions started. We were discussing the role of social practice theory, if the resource man is the focus of our design today, and what happens within utility companies regarding demand shifting initiatives and smart metering.

Some argued that the paper were a bit ”lame” even though it have bold statements. However, many liked one of the last paragraphs where Strengers discuss the possibility to reimagining everyday life, instead of trying to make it just more energy efficient. After this the discussion meandered into what is normal and if what is normal is good. The focus of the consumer also narrows the solution space, since we can achieve more on a  system scale rather than having different individuals acting to optimize and automate.

I really enjoyed this after work and look forward to the next one!




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