Team meeting 3 november 2014

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Regular lunch meeting with Daniel, Malin, Cristi, Hanna, Åke and Elina, as well as Helena Tobiasson as a guest.

Since there were not so many phd-students present we postponed the subject of the upcoming phd-course and its planning. Perhaps we will arrange a separate meeting about this. Or perhaps not, that discussion could benefit from the input of some more senior, non-ph.d. participants’ ideas and opinions (and suggestions for articles).

Daniel told us an initiative at KTH called KTH Live-in Lab, where we will meet someone in order to discuss possible research collaboration. The Live-in Lab will be a student dormitory where the rooms/apartments will be research objects and where new ideas and technologies will be tested. The lab will span several different disciplines and questions; architecture, interior design, construction, energy, behaviour, ICT etc.

We also discussed the master track in ICT and sustainability, there is a soon to be ”test election” by students, so we need to write a short selling text to the students. A first draft was reviewed by the group.

Daniel and Elina gave some recollections of the NordiCHI conference they attended last week and the workshop we (Daniel and Elina) organized. We should put our efforts to participating on the NordiCHI 2016 conference, to be arranged in Gothenburg by Chalmers. The theme of the conference is Gaming-Changing Design, and sustainability is right there in the call for papers – as apart from at NordichCHI 2014. With a sympathetic Maria Håkansson as the workshop chair, our chances to again organise a sustainability-related workshop must be pretty large.

As an ending of the meeting we discussed the upcoming conference deadlines we would like to keep our eyes on, Critical Computing (mid-February) and ICT4S2015 (mid-March).

/Elina & Daniel



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