Team meeting, Oct 6

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Very few people showed up at today’s team meeting – only Daniel, Hanna, Cristi and Björn showed up. We talked about our tema and bachelor’s/master’s thesis. We discussed many different aspects and took a few decisions:

  • Many master’s students want to write a master’s thesis that puts them in contact with companies. Our job is thus to develop or ask for proposals from companies that we in turn can offer to our students. The time to do that is now. There will be a general meeting with information about this spring’s master’s thesis course two weeks from now.
  • We have a list of companies that supports our proposal for a master’s level track on sustainability and ICT. Those companies are a great place to start. Hanna also mentioned Greenly as a company that might be interested in a master’s student.
  • This spring both students writing their bachelor’s and their master’s thesis will work in thesis groups with around 5 students working in parallell (or 10 working in pairs in the case of the bachelor’s thesis).
  • As a team, it is highly desirable that we have one member working with a group of bachelor’s thesis students and another member working with a group of master’s thesis students each year – starting this year (this coming spring!). We don’t yet.
  • Leading a group of bachelor’s students or a group of master’s students during the spring term is equivalent to around 5% of a person-year.
  • These things should preferably be discussed and decided already in May when the manning of the next academic year is done. This year, there is a dearth of advisors, so we can definitely get groups if we can just find the people (team members) to do it.
  • It is highly desirable that each research project that falls within the MID4S team’s area of interest should formulate at least one (but preferably more) proposals for bachelor’s/master’s thesis topics this year! Perhaps ”highly desirable” should be exchanged for ”each research project should…” or ”each research project shall…”.
  • An alternative to being the advisor of students is to formulate the task to be done and have someone else be the advisor, i.e. that persons in the team take on the role that a company can have in theses that are done with industry partners.
  • An alternative is to offer students (who do not write theses that focus on sustainability) the chance to discuss or write about sustainability issues. A suggestion was to have a ”drop in sustainability clinic” in the beginning of spring term where students show up to discuss their proposals and where they hopefully can get some references to relevant literature.
  • Master’s thesis students who write their thesis in our area of interest should be invited to our bi-weekly team meetings. Perhaps we should even schedule an extra lunch meeting once per month that we use for learning more about their projects and give them useful feedback.
  • One think we did not have time to discuss was concrete proposals for thesis topics as we concentrated a lot more on policy, form and the process, e.g. how should we as a team work with our students theses courses today and in the future (i.e. during the spring term and during the coming years).




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