Team meeting, 22 September, 2014

Monday 22 September we had one of our regular team meetings. The main topic of the day was to discuss what we have done the past year, as well as discussing what we want to do. Daniel, Elina, Cristi, Hanna, Björn, Malin, Henrik, Åke and Jorge participated.

We have succeeded in doing a lot of the things we set out as our goals for 2014. Some of these things were: to have academic discussions, be represented in the KTH-S, make more people write on the blog, write articles, applications and popular articles, put the team meetings in the MID-calendar, and make sure more people come to our team meetings. Good job there!

What is left to work some more on this current year is: to work on a common model when it comes to our thoughts around sustainability, to formulate a plan of attack for the team’s finances, to formulate Master Theses subjects, and review articles internally before they are sent in.

At the next meeting, we will talk more about suggestions for subjects for Master Theses. The following meeting we will read all the articles written by team members that were accepted to the ICT4S conference, and discuss the texts.

The deadline for submitting articles for the next ICT4S conference in Copenhagen is on March 15th. So we can make it a goal to submit articles there!

Finally, we decided that the team will not participate in the Media technology students’ industry related day/fair on October 9.

Malin & Elina


Team meeting, September 15, 2014

We had one of our regular team meetings on September 15. Jonas Forsslund, Malin, Elina, Cecilia, Björn, Hanna and Daniel were attending.

The main topic for the meeting was the planned master track “Sustainable information society” which was outlined and discussed. No major changes were suggested, so the description was to be sent in later the same day.

Next, Daniel presented the idea of Hoffice, which in short is a way to sit together and work, preferably in someone’s home, in order to encourage good work morale. We also hosted an unofficial workshop at ICT4S that used the Hoffice-methodology. It is an especially good methodology to get things done. Daniel suggested that we should have a “Hoffice week” in his eco-village outside of Flen at the end of November. Anyone who is interested in joining should contact Daniel.

The next meeting is on Monday, Sept 22, when Jorge is in town so he can join us.

Malin and Elina