ICT4S Hoffice workshop Wed Aug 27

We invite ICT4S conference participants to attend our post-conference workshop with a focus on ICT4S user/usage perspectives (see also our Sunday ICT4S workshop, ”What is the role of Sustainable HCI in the field of ICT4S?”).

The workshops will build on the Home-Office ”Hoffice methodology” that has been developed in Stockholm during the spring 2014. After only a few months, Hoffice events are now organised in different parts of Stockholm during most weekdays. See further below for information about Hoffice.

The keyword for this workshop is ”flexibility”:

– This is a full-day workshop (09-17) but It is possible to come late or leave early (for example those attending another (half-day) workshop or those travelling home on Wednesday).

– You can bring a laptop, tasks and readings and talk to other conference/workshop participants only during the regular, hourly breaks. OR you can choose to engage others in tasks, proposals, ideas, discussions that you bring or concoct during the day (for example an idea for a paper or other post-conference ideas that you want to develop together with others).

– This is also an excellent opportunity for community-building and networking with other conference attendees with similar interests!

The exact location has not been set yet as it is dependent on the number of persons who want to attend, but we have set the time for the event to 09-17. We will eat lunch together and those who want to can also have dinner together. If you are interested in attending, please send an e-mail to the organisers (elina@kth.se, pargman@kth.se).

There is no workshop fee, but you will have to pay for your lunch.


Elina Eriksson and Daniel Pargman


About Hoffice (translated from the Swedish-language Hoffice Facebook group)


Hoffice is a work community with (currently) 135 members. Each member can organise a Hoffice event. It doesn’t cost anything to participate and membership in the group is also free. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, Hoffice offers something most participants experience as very valuable – a method to support each other maintain a good balance between work and recovery, and a way to work more effectively when we work and to recove more energy when we take breaks. Working co-located, many experience the working day as both more enjoyable and more effective than when working without a supportive social context.

While there are different variants of the method, each event for the most part works something like this:

– We work in 45-minute sessions and start each session by telling the other participants what we will work on and how much we hope to accomplish.

– Prior to the very first 45-minute session, each participant declares the main task(s) he or she intends to work on/accomplish during the day and what the priorities are. If something is unclear, someone else might pose a question. By asking, we help each other concretise our agendas and help create opportunities to use our time more efficiently.

– During a 45-minute session, we work focused and keep social interaction to a minimum.

– When the timer rings we take a break. A person who is in a creative flow can of course choose to keep on working!

– During the break, we shortly tell each other about the progress we have made. This allows us to learn more about our own work processes, which in turn provides a basis for more realistic plans for how much we can accomplish in a day and how to use our energies in the best way. This is usually followed by a short activity of some kind; some kind of physical exercise, meditation, or something more playful or geared towards networking. The length of the pause will vary but it is usually between 5 and 15 minutes long. After the break, we start a new 45-minute session after we have declared what will work on and how much we think we will accomplish.

– We each lunch together and we respect the time schedule. A late arriver will not interrupt a session but will instead work quietly and join the group by introducing him- or herself during the first break.

That’s about it! I hope to see you on Hoffice soon, at my home, at your home or in someone else’s!

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