Workshops workshops workshops!

One of our goals for the team was to at least submit a workshop proposal during the year, and we have succeeded! Not only did we submit, we got accepted! So in October, at NordiCHI, we will arrange the workshop titled Is there a European Strand of Sustainable HCI?. From our team, Daniel, Elina and Cecilia is the organisers. Now we have to tweak the workshop text and fix a Web page for the workshop, before it’s official, but please start to plan your position paper submission! We’d love to see you in Helsinki!

If this wasn’t enough, we will also arrange a workshop at the upcoming ICT4S conference. The main aim is to gather all sustainable HCI researchers before the conference starts, and the working title for the workshop is Sustainable HCI + ICT4S =?. To this workshop you only need to register, and then prepare a Pecha Kucha to the workshop, so do register!



3 reaktioner till “Workshops workshops workshops!

  1. Being a little finicky, the title of the ICT4S workshop is ”What is the role of Sustainable HCI in the field of ICT4S?”.

    ”Sustainable HCI + ICT for Sustainability = ?” was just the title of my blog post about the workshop (the workshop name was both long and cryptic who aren’t already in the known…).


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