Summer celebration and team meeting

This Monday, the 9th of June, we had our last team meeting before the summer holidays. Since it was my last team meeting as team leader (Daniel is returning in August) I wanted to celebrate a successful spring. Hence, strawberries and champagne!

There were cherries as well! (Photo: Josefin Wangel)
There were cherries as well! (Photo: Josefin Wangel)

There were quite many team members who could not attend, so in order to not become too tipsy, I invited some more people. And since the meeting was slightly extended, all was not present at the same time. But, in order of appearance: Åke, Elina, Björn, Teo, Miriam (CESC:er), Helena and Anders (prospective team members), Josefin (CESC:er), Ann (boss) and Greger (CESC:er).

At the meeting proper, we read through the so far sketchy team vision, and shortly discussed it. Some comments were to include concrete number of things, as well as reverse the order, so that the concrete goals leads up to the overarching vision. We also discussed the upcoming application for a sustainability track within the master’s programme, and you should save the date; the 18th of August, when we will discuss the track more extensively. We did also briefly read through the 2014 goals for the team, and were able to see that we have already fulfilled many of them! Of course we also talked about the workshops at ICT4S and NordCHI’14!
We did also paint our paper tree, so it will be ready in the autumn to hang our published papers in style!

It looks really good at some distance, and will look gorgeous covered in articles with red ribbons. (Photo: Josefin Wangel)
It looks really good at some distance, and will look gorgeous covered in articles with red ribbons. (Photo: Josefin Wangel)

Great work everyone and thanks!

Have a nice summer!



Workshops workshops workshops!

One of our goals for the team was to at least submit a workshop proposal during the year, and we have succeeded! Not only did we submit, we got accepted! So in October, at NordiCHI, we will arrange the workshop titled Is there a European Strand of Sustainable HCI?. From our team, Daniel, Elina and Cecilia is the organisers. Now we have to tweak the workshop text and fix a Web page for the workshop, before it’s official, but please start to plan your position paper submission! We’d love to see you in Helsinki!

If this wasn’t enough, we will also arrange a workshop at the upcoming ICT4S conference. The main aim is to gather all sustainable HCI researchers before the conference starts, and the working title for the workshop is Sustainable HCI + ICT4S =?. To this workshop you only need to register, and then prepare a Pecha Kucha to the workshop, so do register!


Team meeting, 2 June, 2014

Monday the 2nd of June, we had our regular team lunch; there was a small group present, Henrik, Malin, Åke, Björn, and Elina.

Mainly two things were discussed. Firstly, we discussed the possibility to propose a track within a master program in Human-Computer Interaction and Media technology. The idea is that the courses within the track should be more connected to our team and the research we are doing. The deadline for proposing a track is the 1 of September, so our first team meeting after summer vacation (18th of August) will be dedicated to this issue.

Secondly, we discussed a paper:

Knowles B, Blair L, Hazas M, Walker S. Exploring sustainability research in computing: where we are and where we go next. In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing (UbiComp 2013). New York: ACM. 2013. p. 305-314.

The joint conclusion of this discussion was that the paper is interesting, albeit dense. The paper describes a literature review of over 220 papers, and it covers both the field of HCI/ubiquitous computing and sustainable computing in general. The authors identifies ten questions that these papers cover, and show what field cover what kind of questions. Furthermore, the paper also discusses the triple bottom line definition of sustainability and proposes a ”quadruple bottom line” model of sustainability to be used within sustainable HCI research.

Next meeting will be the last before summer vacation. There will be strawberries.