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Last Friday Green Leap organised the event Design eller hållbarhet (Design or sustainability), which I attended together with a mix of researchers, students, design practitioners and other interested.

The afternoon started with a number of short presentations where I learned more about norm critical design, how the design consultancy Veryday works with sustainability, and why including designers in other research areas is a good idea. No need to convince me on the last point, but it was nice hearing it from a non-designer!

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the Green Leap project Life2053. What would my life look like in 2053, provided that we have cut our energy use by 60% compared to the year 2000? After trying the tool developed in the project I know. This is a peek into one of my days in the future:

The 20th of May 2053 I’m having friends over for dinner and I start the day with ordering tonight’s meals from an online service, which makes sure I’ll get the food delivered to my place in time for the dinner. For my important work meeting (I guess I like my job and don’t want to retire just yet…) I go to one of the video conference rooms at the local common office. I’m living a busy life but at least I don’t have to worry about shopping since my personal vintage shopper takes care of that.

To see what your life might look like in 2053, check out

All the speakers at Design eller Hållbarhet! taking questions from the audience. (Foto: Loove Broms)
All the speakers at Design eller Hållbarhet! taking questions from the audience. (Foto: Loove Broms)




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