Congratulations Doctor Hannes!

Yesterday, the 22 of May, Hannes Ebner, one of our team members, successfully defended his thesis ”Supporting loose forms of collaboration: Using Linked Data to realize an architecture for collective knowledge construction” at KTH.

Hannes is presenting his work.
Hannes is presenting his work.


His opponent was John Breslin, from the National University of Ireland, Galway. John did an excellent work, with both overarching life-as-a-phd-students-questions as well as down to detail technical questions. Hannes seemed to be relaxed and prepared to answer.

Other honorable persons involved:
Main supervisor: Marko Turpeinen
Second supervisor: Ambjörn Naeve
Grading committee: Åsa Smedberg, DSV/SU, Marcelo Milrad, Linnaeus university, and  Teemu Leinonen, Aalto University

Congratulations Hannes!




Green Leap – Design eller hållbarhet

Last Friday Green Leap organised the event Design eller hållbarhet (Design or sustainability), which I attended together with a mix of researchers, students, design practitioners and other interested.

The afternoon started with a number of short presentations where I learned more about norm critical design, how the design consultancy Veryday works with sustainability, and why including designers in other research areas is a good idea. No need to convince me on the last point, but it was nice hearing it from a non-designer!

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the Green Leap project Life2053. What would my life look like in 2053, provided that we have cut our energy use by 60% compared to the year 2000? After trying the tool developed in the project I know. This is a peek into one of my days in the future:

The 20th of May 2053 I’m having friends over for dinner and I start the day with ordering tonight’s meals from an online service, which makes sure I’ll get the food delivered to my place in time for the dinner. For my important work meeting (I guess I like my job and don’t want to retire just yet…) I go to one of the video conference rooms at the local common office. I’m living a busy life but at least I don’t have to worry about shopping since my personal vintage shopper takes care of that.

To see what your life might look like in 2053, check out

All the speakers at Design eller Hållbarhet! taking questions from the audience. (Foto: Loove Broms)
All the speakers at Design eller Hållbarhet! taking questions from the audience. (Foto: Loove Broms)


Team meeting May 19, 2014

Today, we had one of our regular lunch team meetings. Hanna, Cristi, Henrik, Åke, Cecilia, Elina and Malin participated. We did not have any set agenda today, but we talked rather freely about things that are happening and what we are currently focusing on.

Cecilia has gotten a workshop proposal for ICT4S accepted; A Social Practice Perspective on the Smart Grid. Elina, Daniel and Cecilia are also part of discussions on how to develop the research area of sustainable HCI, both at the ICT4S conference and the NordiCHI conference. We also discussed two calls coming up in September, one for full papers for CHI and one call for research grants on Energy, IT and Design at Energimyndigheten.

Last Friday, Green leap had an event which Hanna, Malin and Elina attended. The event focused on Design and Sustainability. Perhaps the most interesting part was to listen to Staffan Laestadius, author of the book Klimatet och välfärden. But it was also interesting to hear more about the new project Life 2053 with future scenarios and impacts on sustainable living. Cesc-researcher Josefine Wangel presented this project extensively at the Green leap event.

Last but not the least, our team was responsible for the MID monday breakfast, and of course we had to spread the good energy of our group:

MID4S freshly baked bread.
MID4S freshly baked bread.

The next lunch meeting is in two weeks. See you then!

//Malin and Elina

Team meeting, 5 May, 2004

On May 5, we had one of our regular team meetings. Elina, Björn, Hannes, Cristi, Ulrika, Cecilia, Åke, Hanna, Henrik, Malin and Teo joined this time. The first thing we discussed was the CHI conference in Toronto, from which Elina and a few others recently came back. The conference was both interesting and relevant for our team, and we will continue to discuss how we can take advantage of new ideas and impressions. There were a few fellow researchers who were interested in visiting us, the first will be Xinning ”Sunny” Gui, who will be visiting us this coming fall. She will be sitting in the CESC corridor.

The next point for discussion was the submissions for the conference ICT4S in Stockholm in August. We are happy to announce that 6 papers from our team were accepted!

Next, Björn informed us about possible changes in the master programs, which could mean more opportunities for us to combine research related projects with teaching about sustainability in the media technology education.

Teo reminded us about some new PhD positions related the new doctoral program, which is a collaboration between KTH and the University College  of Arts, Craft and Design. He also mentioned the Green leap event next Friday. Cecilia informed us about the Energy authority’s opening of the EID (Energi IT & Design) call, with a deadline in September. And finally Hannes welcomed us all to his thesis defense on May 22.

/Malin & Elina


It’s time for some bragging.

The MID4S team submitted no less than 7 papers to the ICT4S conference that will be held in Stockholm in August. Of these 7 papers, no less than 6 were accepted for presentation/publication!

– That’s an acceptance rate of >85% for the team’s submissions.

– The general acceptance rate for the conference is around 50%, e.g. 100 papers were submitted and half of them were accepted. Our colleagues and collaborators at CESC probably has an equal number of additional papers accepted besides our papers…

– That also means our team will contribute with >10% of all a accepted papers/presentations at the conference.

There is one caveat though. One of the papers has 27 authors Only 3 come from the MID4S team (half of those 27 authors come from UCI), so it’s hard to claim that paper as ”ours”. It will however be me (Daniel) who will present that paper at the conference.

We are doing great and are on a roll right now! Keep up the good work!

Additional comment (May 9). Here are the six accepted papers that team members have written/contributed to:

  • Jorge Luis Zapico. Data blindness and the risks of implicit values in ICT for Sustainability
  • Malin Picha Edwardsson. Environmental aspects of media scenarios for the future ICT society – a qualitative study
  • Elina Eriksson and Daniel Pargman. ICT4S reaching out: making sustainability relevant in higher education
  • Åsa Nyblom and Elina Eriksson. Time is of essence. Changing the horizon of travel planners
  • Mario Romero, Hanna Hasselqvist and Gert Svensson. Supercomputers Keeping People Warm in the Winter
  • Birgit Penzenstadler, Bill Tomlinson, Eric Baumer, Marcel Pufal, Ankita Raturi, Debra Richardson, Baki Cakici, Ruzanna Chitchyan, Georges Da Costa, Lynn Dombrowski, Malin Picha Edwardsson, Elina Eriksson, Xavier Franch, Gillian R. Hayes, Christina Herzog, Wolfgang Lohmann, Martin Mahaux, Alistair Mavin, Melissa Mazmanian, Sahand Nayebaziz, Juliet Norton, Daniel Pargman, Donald J. Patterson, Jean-Marc Pierson, Kristin Roher, M. Six Silberman, Kevin Simonson, Andrew W. Torrance and Andre van der Hoek. ICT4S 2029: What will be the systems supporting sustainability in 15 years?