Team meeting March 24

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Today, we had one of our regular team meetings. Björn, Henrik, Cristi, Åke, Hanna and Malin were present. We started by briefly discussing the article Utmaning: Omställningen till en hållbar utveckling, by Johan Rockström, which we thought adds an interesting perspective to the sustainability discourse. The article is mandatory reading in the sustainability course for computer science students, which Malin and Hanna are assisting.

We also discussed how to make sustainability and sustainable development interesting for computer science students and how to make a broad topic like sustainability more hands-on for people in general.

Björn and Malin also talked about the KTH Sustainability Education Day last week, and the pros and cons of integrating sustainability in all KTH courses.

Finally, Cristi updated the rest of us on the EU application that he and some others are working on. We ended the meeting by briefly discussing how to keep our digital research material safe and secure.




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