KTH Sustainability Education Day

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On March 20, 2014, some people from the team joined the KTH Sustainability Education Day, organized by the initiative KTH Sustainability. Elina had been asked to hold a short presentation about her and Daniel’s course on sustainability in the Media technology program. Other speakers were Professor Göran Finnveden, vice president for sustainable development at KTH, and a number of teachers from KTH, working with sustainability in their respective courses.

One of the key note speakers was Professor Jordi Segalas from UPC Barcelona Tech, who talked about his university’s 20-year-long work for introducing sustainability in their engineering education. Today, UPC Barcelona Tech has extensive collaborations with KTH when it comes to both research and education. UPC Barcelona Tech has come a long way with their sustainability work, but interestingly enough Professor Segalas said that no other university in Spain is interested in sustainability issues.

The participants at the KTH Sustainability Education Day were most importantly teachers from all KTH campuses. In between the presentations, the participants were organized in roundtable discussions about different topics related to sustainability in education. One of the topics was if it is better to integrate sustainability aspects in all courses given at KTH, or to offer a few, mandatory courses with special focus on sustainability.

In connection to the presentations and discussions, there was also a poster session with good examples from sustainability in education at KTH.




One thought on “KTH Sustainability Education Day

    Daniel said:
    21 mars, 2014 kl. 19:18

    Och, vad tyckte du om dagen? Gav den något till dig? Vad var bäst tyckte du?


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