Goodbye stand-by.

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Goodbye stand-by.

Today I was to connect my Raspberry Pi to a old but still functioning screen – I actually got it from a colleague who said it was broken; or at least flickering. Well I just needed to try out the different sockets before throwing it away.

Connecting the Raspberry Pi was easy. I had a adapter from DVI to HDMI. No worries. I also needed a new cable. No worries. All connected together I just waited for the digital raspberry to appear.

The screen was black.

I checked the connections once again. Rebooted the Raspberry Pi. Black. Checked the screen. Turned it on an off by the switch. Black.

Maybe it is actually broken?

Rechecking everything again. Everything seems working – except for the screen which is black.

After a while I just by chance or by some mysterious experience I just push the lower-right edge of the screen. And of course the standby! Worked like a charm. No flickering.

The stand-by almost tricked me.

So why is there a “real switch” which actually turns off the screen, but do not really turn ON the screen? Why is it that the devious screen put itself to standby when I actually put it on.

I would like to say goodbye to stand-by.

/Henrik A



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