Team meeting, March 10, 2014

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Today, we had a lunch meeting with our MID4S team. Myself (Malin), Åke, Hanna and Cristi were present. We discussed the article Squaring the circle? Some thoughts on the idea of sustainable development, by John Robinson (2004).

I think the general conclusion from discussing this article is that sustainability and sustainable development are two complicated and sensitive issues. It is easy to step on someone’s toes when using these terms in scientific articles et cetera. For the purpose of developing our research group MID4S, we concluded that it is important that we continue this discussion of what our approach is to sustainability. Many of us think that Robinson has a good point with his view on sustainability and sustainable development. However, we might need to discuss more research articles on this topic and involve more people in MID4S in this discussion, and then possibly position ourselves in this area.

Other articles to be read in our team were suggested. These were Johan Rockström, 2013 (Omställningen till en hållbar utveckling) and Brett H. Robinson, 2009 (E-waste: An assessment of global production and environmental impacts). More suggestions are needed! See you at the next team meeting, March 24.




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