Team meeting, February 24, 2014

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This Monday, a small but devoted group attended the team meeting, present and accounted for were, Elina, Hanna, Cristi and Björn.

We discussed the #vegfeb challenge; several more people, not team members, have signed up as well. The challenge has gone fairly well, although we have som nice reflections what hindrances there are to eating more (or only) green.

Björn presented information about two bachelor thesis projects that he is supervising. One project is working with a plug-in to Chrome, showing carbon dioxide information when searching for recipes. The other project is exploring different sustainability related habits/practices, and the possibility of changing them with Lift (a tool for changing habits). The three habits are: 1) to eat less meat [sic!], 2) to buy more organic food, and 3) to avoid palm oil. They might want test subjects!

Cristi talked about a possible EU submission, he and Mattias had attended a workshop last week at the KTH energy platform and gotten some interesting information about Horizon2020 submissions. We will send a separat mail for a meeting about the EU submission.

We decided that next team meeting we would read and discuss a text. My suggestion was:
Robinson, J. Squaring the circle? Some thoughts on the idea of sustainable development. Ecological economics, 48, 4 (2004), 369-384.




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