Go vegetarian – A challenge for the team!

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The members of our sustainability team has been challenged, by a colleague, to try out being vegetarians for a period of time. The challenge has of course a connection to sustainability, since the meat consumption is threatening issues of a sustainable future.

I for one found this challenge interesting, and invite everyone to join the challenge, regardless if you are part of the team or not. The challenge is issued during the month of February 2014 (which happens to be a hashtag event on Twitter: #vegfeb), and I will prompt you to reflect on the outcome of the challenge if you commit. Since it might be difficult to persuade (innocent) family members, we have in the team decided to have two levels of commitment:

1) Only eat vegetarian meals during February independent of where you are.

2) All meals outside the family home  should be vegetarian.

Since there might be traps out there to fall into, we have also decided that we shall have a punishment fund, where you have to pay 20 kr for failing a vegetarian meal. It also need to be followed by a slip of paper with a reflection on why this failing occurred. There will be a box in my room for this purpose.

Join the challenge by commenting below, and if you have any questions you can e-mail me elina(@)kth.se. Please feel free to share any tip regarding recipes or the like! Team members are also encouraged to write a blog post about their experience of the challenge!

And by encouraging you to exert yourself, I hereby pledge myself to the first level of commitment, I (and my family) will eat only vegetarian meals during February. This will be an adventure!


EDIT 31 Jan 10:04 ————-

Since the folder (see below) didn’t work as anticipated, nobody could access the files in the folder, I hereby instead post the links to the files directly. So, one file to sign up and one file where those who want can write down tips and recipes.

Sign up here.

Write your recipes here.

EDIT 24 Jan 19:59 ————-

Since this blogpost is reaching more people than just the team members, I have created a google drive folder with a possibility to assign to the challenge and a document where people can share recipes etc. Please join the challenge!




6 thoughts on “Go vegetarian – A challenge for the team!

    Josefin Wangel said:
    24 januari, 2014 kl. 14:59

    Great initiative. I’m in!

    I pledge myself to the first level of commitment.

    As a former vegetarian I would also be happy to share some recipes, should anyone be interested.

    /Josefin Wangel (CESC, fms & Green Leap)

    Mattias Höjer said:
    31 januari, 2014 kl. 10:18

    I accept the challenge on level 3MH. This means that I will go for level 2, but with two changes:
    – I will go for non-meat instead of vegetarian
    – I will accept meat when invited to friends houses
    – I will only eat meat at home, when the alternative would be to throw away what my daughter does not eat

      Elina responded:
      31 januari, 2014 kl. 10:20

      Rules are malleable, at least when it comes to changing behavior in a positive direction! You are welcome Mattias!

    cristi said:
    31 januari, 2014 kl. 18:27

    I will eat according to the Orthodox Christian old lady fasting outside the normal fasting periods (e.g. before Christmas and Easter). It goes as follows:
    – vegan on Monday, and especially Wednesday and Friday
    – anything (including all other sins that one is still capable of) on the other days
    – preferably fish in the weekend (that’s my personal addition, it is what happens on fasting before Christmas and Easter)

      Elina responded:
      31 januari, 2014 kl. 18:31

      Take it easy on the other sins! 🙂 Wouldn’t want to be responsible for any arguments at the gates so to speak.

    […] discussed the #vegfeb challenge; several more people, not team members, have signed up as well. The challenge has gone fairly well, […]


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