Team meeting January 13, 2014

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We started this week’s team lunch with a round of presentations, since we had a new team member, Hanna Hasselqvist, PhD student with an interest in energy and a background as an industrial design engineer specialised in user-centred development of ICT tools. The other participants at the meeting were Elina, Cristi, Ambjörn, Åke, Malin (who took these notes), Fredrik (guest speaker) and Björn.

Elina informed us that she is working on the vision for the team, and this will be presented as soon as she has come a little further in her work.

Elina also encouraged all team members to write in this blog. She offered to help anyone who needs an introduction.

On February 24, there is a deadline for papers to the conference ICT4S. Currently, Elina, Daniel and Malin will write papers to this conference, and possibly the other team members can read and comment on the texts a little later on in the writing process.

Mondays, uneven weeks, are good to have this meeting, even during this spring semester.

The team will propose to hold a PhD course in Sustainability and ICT during spring 2015. Most likely, Daniel P will be in charge.

Björn said that it’s high time to come with ideas for bachelor theses for media technology students, since they will start soon.

Björn will visit Vinnova’s information meeting about Horizon 2020 and report back to the team.

Fredrik, our special guest at this meeting, challenged our team to eat more vegetarian food. He suggested that we keep diaries and make it into a sort of research project where we document what is easy and hard when it comes to eating vegetarian. The team decided to take on this challenge, with regards to meals eaten outside of home, meaning lunches and dinners at restaurants. For those cases when we fail, we put money in a internal ”punishment fund”. Elina will send out more information and a possibility to sign up for the challenge.

Elina will send out invitations to the next team meeting and also post this information in the MID calendar.




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