Team meeting 131209

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We had our last team meeting for the term (and the year) and quite a few people showed up; Daniel, Elina, Teo, Åke, Ambjörn, Ulrica, Henrik, Björn, Cristi, Karin H (first meeting!).

We had several topics that we wanted to talk about, including discussing an article, but we only had time to do one thing and that was to formulate and discuss the team’s goal for next year. What do we want to have accomplished at the end of 2014? Such a list can of course also be translated into an action-oriented list of what we should strive for accomplishing next year. Some of our goals are internal working goals, but I’ll  share just a few of our goals with you, dear audience:

– Have academic discussions within the group (such as discussing the paper we didn’t have time to discuss at the meeting…)

– Increase the number of team publications/applications and beat this year’s count of five (three publications + two applications)

– Formulate and publish at least five new master’s thesis proposals.

I think we had a great meeting and we formulated no less than 14 goals for next year. That was for sure a lot more than I could think of beforehand! I think next year is going to be a great year and I think Elina will take over the task of leading the team excellently in my absence during the firsts part of the year!




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