På vårt Kick-on-möte hos Malin 28 november diskuterade vi vilken definition av hållbarhet vi ska tillämpa. Mitt förslag är att vi använder ”Bröllopstårts-modellen” som innebär att ekologisk hållbarhet är basen och den största delen. På den vilar social hållbarhet, något mindre i omfång. Överst står ekonomisk hållbarhet som bärs upp av de andra två.
En praktisk tillämpning av detta är att vi i teamet är öppna för projekt/medlemmar/diskussioner från alla tre kategorierna av hållbarhet, men att vi gjort en medveten prioritering av den ekologiska. Optimalt skulle våra aktiviteter i proportioner spegla bröllopstårtans.

Vad tycker ni?



Team meeting 131118


We had an external visitor at the team meeting today. Team members attending the meeting were: Daniel, Henrik, Åke, Cecilia, Hannes, Malin, Ulrica.


Our guest was Mattias Svahn and this is how he presented himself:

Title: Persuasive pervasive games analysed with small scale causal modelling.

Abstract: This presentation shows my research into how and why a pervasive persuasive game managed to impact attitudes and behaviour. It presents pervasive game design, exemplified by three games for teaching households to conserve electricity, developed by the Energy Design Studio.  The design of the games are evaluated from the perspective of if they drove thought, and if so, what that means for situations of marketing and communications strategy.
The presentation also shows my pet method of “partial least square based structural equation modelling”. That method is really useful for evaluating design prototypes, as it can make causal statistical modelling of design elements on very small samples.

Bio: Mattias Svahn is a Phd-candidate at the Stockholm School of Economics, department of media and economic psychology. He will soon finish of a thesis about persuasion through pervasive games.  He has previously worked at the Mobile Life Centre as project manager and research leader for business development, at the IperG EU IST FP6 project, that developed prototype pervasive games. He has since then published on both pervasive games and on advertising strategy for ambient media products in general.

Team meeting 131104


At the team meeting, we (Daniel, Malin, Elina, Åke, Teo) did some rough planning for the upcoming ”kick-on” (following last year’s successful December kick-off).

– We decided which of the proposed two dates we would have our kick-on and went around the table to come up with a wish list of stuff to talk about/do/discuss at the kick-on.

– We also discussed how we could ”market” thesis proposals in the ICT/media + sustainability area since many students will do their theses during the spring term. We also discussed our time and what commitments we could accept in relation to these students/theses.

That’s about it – most of the time was spent discussing the program for the one-day kick-on event. Me, Elina and Malin also spent some time yesterday (a week after the team meeting) drawing up a more detailed program as well as thinking about some homework team members should perform to prepare for the kick-on meeting.