Thesis Proposal: Who is the Off-gridder?

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The aim of this thesis proposal is to explore the domain of people who produce their own electricity without being connected to the grid. One view of these people is that they are turning their back on society and that they want to be self-sufficient. There is also a notion that an off-grid person also chooses to not be part of the all-encompassing ICT society. Another possibility is that the off-gridder is a person who has installed for example photo voltaics on their summer cottage roof since there is no grid to connect to close by.

We are interested in understanding the off-gridders, their driving forces and lifestyle choices. Furthermore we want to know what kind of solutions they have created in order to produce and consume electricity, and how they came by the knowledge of constructing these solutions. Were ICT in any way connected to this process and if so, how.

Possible research questions are:

  • Who is the off-gridder (user analysis)?
  • What are their driving forces and lifestyle choices?
  • Do they, or have they, used ICT in setting up and/or monitoring their off-grid solutions?
  • Could the Grid learn something from the off-gridder?
  • How could they be supported by ICT solutions?


Interested? Contact Elina Eriksson: elina (at)




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