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There weren’t that many people at our last team meeting a week ago (only Daniel, Elina, Teo, Malin and Henrik). We ran through a number of information and discussion points. I won’t actually include all of them here, but some things we talked about were:


– Daniel and Elina talked a little about the conference we attended some weeks ago, Engineering Education for Sustainable Development  (and the paper we presented there).

– The research grant applications that our group handed in to the Swedish Energy Agency’s call about ”Energy, IT and Design”.

– On the habit (a year ago) of sending a ”featured article” on ICT/Media Technology and Sustainability every second week, is that something we should take up again? There was no clear consensus, but it was suggested that we might sometimes (a few times per term) spend our lunch meeting discussing a particularly good article. Me and Elina directly though about an excellent (short) text by Richard Heinberg, ”What is sustainability?”.

– Katarina Elevant will (has at this point) presented her ph.d. thesis (Fri Oct 25).

– Should we as a group suggest Al Gore’s name as an honorary doctor at KTH? Yes, we should and I have.

– I have been contacted by the first student who found a thesis proposal at our team blog. Hooray! I will be his advisor since it’s my thesis proposal.

– Elina told us about the ECE course she has just started for KTH teachers who have (or want to teach) about sustainability.


We also discussed some other things, but the most important topic was this:

– We had a very successful whole-day event/”kick-off” in December last year – should we do it again. The answer was YES – we should (more info to follow)!


Here are some topics that we could have discussed at the team meeting but that we decided to postpone to our upcoming whole-day event:

– We should generate thesis proposals for the expected flood of students who will write their bachelors’ and masters’ theses during the spring. This is the first year when we will have students at the master’s level who have taken our course on Sustainability and Media Technology. That course will hopefully have created some interest in writing sustainability-related masters’ theses in Media Technology (and Human-Computer Interaction/Interaction Design).

– We should discuss where we as a group want to apply for funds for research projects as well as strategies for how to go about.

– Where do we as a team want to be 1, 2, 5 years from now? What are suitable goals to aim for?

– We as a team should submit papers to the upcoming (Aug 2014) ICT4S conference. Brainstorm everyone!


One thought on “Team meeting 131021

    pargman said:
    28 oktober, 2013 kl. 14:53

    We could also use some time to suggest/plan guests etc. for the spring team ”program”.


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