Team meeting 130819


We had our first team meeting for the term today. This term we have changed our meeting time to Mondays every second week (even week numbers). We meet for lunch in 1625 between 12-13 (bring your own lunch).

Seven persons showed up for the meeting; Daniel , Björn, Cristi, Hannes, Malin, Cecilia and Henrik.

We discussed three topics at the meeting:

1) We will make it a habit to invite guests to our meetings now and then. Perhaps not as often as every second meeting, but we will aim for having 3-4 external guests every term. We spent the major part of the meeting discussing and proposing guests we would like to invite/get to know.

2) The upcoming deadline (Sept 30) for applying for research grants concerning ”Energy, IT and Design” from Energimyndigheten. It seems team members together will be involved in writing 3-5 applications. We will make the research grant the topic of either the next meeting or the meeting after that.

3) Undergraduate education that the team is involved in. We are currently responsible for one course (which starts two weeks from now) and we might take on another course next academic year (2014-2015). This will probably be a topic we will return to and discuss again at a later point during the term.


The next meeting will be held in 1625 two weeks from now (Monday September 2).