130424 Team meeting

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Our team meeting this week was attended by Daniel, Åke, Hannes, Cristi and Anders. We also had two guest from the mighty AP (pension) funds – bossing around 900 000 000 000 SEK of our money. Our guests (Christina and Christina) were both part of the pension funds’ ethical council. Beyond issues such as corruption and child labor, ecological (and social) sustainability also falls under their umbrella.

Our guests didn’t have the opportunity to talk for long before they were interrupted by questions but it was a very interesting meeting. This was a way for our group to get to know them and vice versa. We will think some about how to proceed, perhaps we can invite them back for a talk at CESC or for a guest lecture after the summer in the DM2573 Media Technology and Sustainability course?


Our next meeting will be held two weeks from now, on Tuesday May 7 in seminar room 1625. The topic of our next meeting will be to discuss and hopefully also generate/brainstorm some ideas (proposals) for sustainability-related thesis topics that we would like our students to work on.




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