130326 Team meeting

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The topic of the team meeting was this blog and how we want to/will use it in the future.


We decided upon a couple of things:

– to just have a link rather than also the latest blog post on our KTH sustainability team webpage.

– send an e-mail to about updating the team webpage (we don’t have access ourselves)

– change the blog theme and banner picture when we find something more suitable.

– write a blog post about each sustainability team publication (i.e. every article we hang in our physical ”team publication tree”). Possibly a copy of the abstract with some added-value comments that gives a little context about the paper (why it was written, about the process, what will happen to the text afterwards (aims, goals) etc.).

– add a page about publications (and links to the each publication and/or a blog post about that publication)

– to write students’ thesis (bachelor’s, master’s) proposals and also to date (year, month) when they were published/updated.


Next meeting will be Tuesday April 9 at 12-13 in the sofas at Media Technology (all seminar rooms are booked)!




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