130424 Team meeting


Our team meeting this week was attended by Daniel, Åke, Hannes, Cristi and Anders. We also had two guest from the mighty AP (pension) funds – bossing around 900 000 000 000 SEK of our money. Our guests (Christina and Christina) were both part of the pension funds’ ethical council. Beyond issues such as corruption and child labor, ecological (and social) sustainability also falls under their umbrella.

Our guests didn’t have the opportunity to talk for long before they were interrupted by questions but it was a very interesting meeting. This was a way for our group to get to know them and vice versa. We will think some about how to proceed, perhaps we can invite them back for a talk at CESC or for a guest lecture after the summer in the DM2573 Media Technology and Sustainability course?


Our next meeting will be held two weeks from now, on Tuesday May 7 in seminar room 1625. The topic of our next meeting will be to discuss and hopefully also generate/brainstorm some ideas (proposals) for sustainability-related thesis topics that we would like our students to work on.



Paper: HCI in a world of limitations


Daniel, Åke and Elina have written a text (”position paper”) to a CHI 2013 conference workshop on ”Post-Sustainability”.

We will present it 10 days from now in Paris!

I (Daniel) wrote a slightly longer blog post about the workshop and the paper on my blog some time ago.


”HCI in a world of limitations: Adressing the social resilience of computing

Most computer scientist and practitioners assume that we live in a world of possibilities and that inexorable forces of technological development will help bring us a future of increased wellbeing and of growing economic prosperity. An increasing number of scientists however point at the triple crisis (ecology, economy, energy) and imagine radically different futures based not on expansion and possibilities, but on limitations and/or decline. We propose that a broad program should be formulated that takes biophysical and economic limitations as its starting point and outline some areas that paramount for HCI to come to grips with.”


130409 Team meeting


We were only five persons at yesterday’s team meeting; Daniel, Åke, Malin, Teo and Elina.


We didn’t have a strict agenda for the meeting but rather for the most part just discussed current projects and activities in our lives (sometimes sustainability-related and sometimes less so).

We were supposed to also discuss/brainstorm about bachelor’s/master’s thesis proposals (to be published on this blog), but never really came around to it and so we postponed it. At our next meeting (April 23 between 12-13 in seminar room 1625) we will have to external guests who will come to visit us so brainstorming of thesis proposals will have to wait until the meeting after that (slated for May 7).




130326 Team meeting

The topic of the team meeting was this blog and how we want to/will use it in the future.


We decided upon a couple of things:

– to just have a link rather than also the latest blog post on our KTH sustainability team webpage.

– send an e-mail to about updating the team webpage (we don’t have access ourselves)

– change the blog theme and banner picture when we find something more suitable.

– write a blog post about each sustainability team publication (i.e. every article we hang in our physical ”team publication tree”). Possibly a copy of the abstract with some added-value comments that gives a little context about the paper (why it was written, about the process, what will happen to the text afterwards (aims, goals) etc.).

– add a page about publications (and links to the each publication and/or a blog post about that publication)

– to write students’ thesis (bachelor’s, master’s) proposals and also to date (year, month) when they were published/updated.


Next meeting will be Tuesday April 9 at 12-13 in the sofas at Media Technology (all seminar rooms are booked)!


Gästinlägg: Återanvända USB-minnen

Här kommer andra delen av Återanvändningens estetik och nytta.

På den gamla goda tiden när musik lades på kassettband låg det en ära i att fylla blandband till bredden med utvalda låtar och så även när audioCD endast kunde fyllas med ett 20-tal låtar. Men detta är en estetik som snart har försvunnit när nästan allt finns tillgängligt på nätet, alla låtar av varje enskild artist – inkluderat den där obskyra, men om vi ska vara ärliga rätt kassa, demo-inspelningen från tolvårsåldern. Ibland finns det en större glädje i att faktiskt tvingas välja och ditt gamla USB-minne blir en MP3spelare. Kanske kan ditt 128MB USB-minne som ligger och skrotar i byrån återuppliva denna det utvalda musikens estetik, som en chick blomsterkvastanalogi till nästa fest?

För den som har lite större USB-minnen om 2-4 GB (för på så små USB-minnen kan du ju ändå inte förvara hela din musik- eller filmsamling) är det en klok ide att testa ett nytt operativ system utan att installera det på datorn – Gör en LIVEUSB och testa Linux en vecka. Det är kul och antingen kommer du uppskatta ditt ordinära operativsystem mer eller så kommer du se att det finns gratis bra prylar. Kul får du i varje fall.

//Henrik Artman