130312 Team meeting

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Today’s meeting was to a high extent an information meeting:

– Malin told us about her impressions after having visited University of Illinois
– We have a tree! We should hang our accepted/published papers that are related to the sustainability team in the tree! We should paint it green too! There is a paper in the tree already (the CHI paper below).
– A short discussion about how we will invite team guests (to our team meeting, to the ”higher” seminars)? The questions was raised because we have a person who wants to visit it (more about that at a later point).
– We need to write a short text about our team for the web!
– We (Jorge, Daniel, Hannes, Elina) are writing a position paper to a workshop (”End-User Development for Supporting Sustainability in Maker Communities”) at the Fourth International Symposium on End-User Development.
– There is an upcoming conference about ”The Third IFIP Conference on Sustainable Internet and ICT for Sustainability” (deadline for papers is April 15) – will anyone write something and/or go there?
– There is an upcoming (Swedish national conference) on developing the engineering educations (cfp (pdf)). Deadline for abstracts is May 31. Daniel and Elina might write something

During the final 15 minutes we discussed Daniel, Åke and Elina’s CHI Post-Sustainability workshop position paper, ”HCI in a world of limiations: Adressing the social resilience of computing”.

Our next meeting will be held in 1625 on Tue March 26. The planned topic for the meeting is (2nd attempt) the team blog. We’ll see if WordPress is more cooperative than last time…


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    […] post about each sustainability team publication (i.e. every article we hang in our physical “team publication tree“). Possibly a copy of the abstract with some added-value comments that gives a little context […]


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