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We had our team meeting today (Daniel, Elina, Hannes, Anders, Ambjörn, Teo, Åke) and the topic was supposed to be this blog – but WordPress didn’t cooperate and so we had to postpone that particular topic to a later meeting 😦

Instead we talked about the ICT4S conference as well as several other things. 

For our next meeting (Tuesday March 12 at 12-13 in seminar room 1625), we will discuss  Daniel, Åke and Elina’s CHI ”Post-Sustainability” Worskshop position paper ”HCI in a world of limitations: Adressing the social resilience of computing”. 

I will also disseminate two more position papers that have been accepted to the same conference; One is written by our KTH/CESC colleagues Sara Ilstedt, Josefin Wangel, Mattias Höjer and Olof Bendt (”Prototyping futures”) and another is written by SU/DSV employees Chiara Rossitto and Teresa Cerratto-Pargman (”Sustainability in education: Challenges and open issues”. (Yes, Tessy is my wife.)

Everyone is welcome to read all three position papers but (only) the first paper will be ”required reading” for the team meeting. As an aside, our position paper was conceived at the team kick-off before Christmas so it is one of the first concrete ”spin-offs” from our group…




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