Jan 15 team meeting

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We had our first team meeting of the term this past Tuesday. Present at the meeting were: Daniel, Elina, Teo, Åke, Mattias and Ambjörn.

NOTE: We have moved our team meetings to the Tuesday lunch (12-13) slot this term!

I had announced that the topic for this meeting was to discuss expectations and fears for the spring term:
– What do you hope/want the team to do for you during the spring?
– What do you fear?
– What can you contribute with?

We were also to have a look at the protocol (Google document) from the mid-December team kick-off and see if there was anything there that we needed to follow up.

I’m not sure we followed the agenda above, it more turned into a ”what have we done during the last month”-session.

We did however decide on the topic for the following two meetings:
– For next meeting we will play the board game ”Carbonopoly”. Since that will take longer than an hour, we decided to skip the Tuesday Jan 29 lunch slot and instead have a Wednesday Jan 30 afternoon (15.30) game session (perhaps with some snacks and something to drink)?
– For the following team meeting (Tue Feb 12) the theme will be this blog! We’ll hook up a projector and have a hands-on session about how to go about to post to this blog as well as a walk-through of other nifty WordPress functions.



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