On this blog’s functions


This blog is written by and (at least initially) also for the sustainability team at the Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID), School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

We decided to start the blog at our kick-off meeting on Dec 18, 2012. Blog posts here are supposed to be short and these are some of the things we imagine the blog will be used for:

   – Short presentations of team members
   – I read a good/interesting book/article, here are my thoughts
   – Take a look at this upcoming seminar/workshop/Ph.D. course/conference/call for research grant applications
– I’ve been to this interesting seminar/workshop/conference, here are my thoughts
   – I handed in a research grant application
   – I got funded!
   – I’ve formulated a new master’s thesis proposal
   – I’ve been the advisor of a bachelor’s/master’s thesis
   – A short presentation of the upcoming team meeting external guest
   – Here’s what we did at our latest team meeting!

I’ve written a longer blog post about our kick-off meeting on my personal academic blog – read more here!

Daniel Pargman, team leader


MID Sustainability team kick-off

As a last thing before X-mas, MID-S started the team activities by starting this blog. Here is Daniel’s blog post about the December 18 team kick-off.

Stay tuned for post about next year’s activities!
Daniel, Elina, Teo, Hannes, Cristi, Anders, Katarina, Åke, and Malin